Ellaeenah is an energy intuit, spiritual mentor and counsellor, whose work focuses on facilitating the empowerment of one's self, and relationship harmony. Towards this goal, she uses divine guidance cards, crystals and Bach Flower Remedies for her clients, as well as conducts workshops and distance courses around the themes of self-transformation and healing. She also teaches the Nine Sacred Codes of Healing, a channelled method of healing involving Sacred Geometry. She has authored 'And JadeFire Said' and has co-authored a guide to simplifying Bach Flower Remedies, 'Bach to Health and Happiness’. Her YouTube channel, Ellaeenah JadeFire, is rich with meditations, channellings, and discourses. Ellaeenah finds her happy place amidst the pots and pans in her kitchen, and feeding her family and friends brings her deep joy.