5 gin brands every gin-enthusiast should try at least once

Cherrapunji Gin
Bottling rain from Cherrapunji, this gin by Mayukh Hazarika uses fresh junipers from the Eastern Himalayas and spices from Northeast India.
A floral and citrusy gin distilled with 11 botanicals like organic hemp seeds and rose petals, Samsara is definitely a choice for gin connoisseur.
Malhar Indian Craft Gin
John Distilleries' Malhar offers Classic Dry and Citrus gins, each vapour-infused with distinct botanicals, which can be enjoyed in a G&T or any classic cocktail of your choice.
Great Indian Gin
For the vodka lover switching to gin just for the occasion of World Gin Day, GIG will not disappoint. Great Indian Gin offers Shimla green apple and Nagpur orange variants, best served as a classic G&T to highlight its quirky flavours.
Satiwa Gin
A hemp-based gin infused with juniper, rose petals, and lemongrass, Satiwa offers a nutty flavour with a citrus tang, which is best enjoyed with soda or tonic water.