Aamchee–a journey through Mumbai's nostalgic flavours

Aamchee is the latest venture by Pinky Chandan Dixit of Soam, that promises to be a delightful addition to Mumbai's culinary landscape
Aamchee proudly carries forward the legacy of Soam, a contemporary Indian restaurant specialising in home-style comfort cooking
Aamchee is a celebration of life, love, and the cherished tastes of Mumbai's streets. The menu is a playful symphony of soups, small eats, classics and desserts—a culinary ode to the city we call home
Inspired by the fact that Mumbai comprises seven islands, each course offers seven dishes to choose from while the menu is inspired by the flavours of the various communities that inhabit the region
In adherence to the tagline "Aamchi Mumbai, our Mumbai, our city" the space reimagines the nostalgic allure of Bombay, incorporating contemporary elements into the establishment
This ambience aims to evoke the bygone era where friends convened for tea and snacks, lovers relished evening strolls, and the elderly shared moments of daily mirth
The café is set to be the most welcoming ode to the city’s foodscape, where every dish is a story, every sip a memory