All the latest buzz in the F&B industry

1. Cafe Duco teams up with Hundo Pizza for a Limited Edition Pizza Menu
Together, Hundo Pizza and Cafe Duco have curated a menu that seamlessly blend Hundo Pizza's expertise with Cafe Duco's creative touch, bringing together the best of Latin American and Italian flavours! The menu is available till 21st August
2. Vadapav Mirchi opens new dine-in location in Canada
Although Vadapav Mirchi has been operating as a delivery and take-out-only operation up until now, the restaurant has finally opened a dine-in space in New Westminster, hoping to highlight the delicacies of Maharashtrian cuisine
3. The Lodhi Perbacco prepares for ‘Paon Nusantara’ by Chef Kartikeya Sinha
Perbacco, located in the urban oasis of The Lodhi, New Delhi gears up to serve as the perfect backdrop for the exclusive culinary affair ‘Paon Nusantara’, an Indonesian pop-up event. The pop-up is here till 30th July
4. Copitas’ Veer Chhetri, sets new bartending record
Amidst stiff competition, Veer Chhetri not only clinched the title of Ultimate Bartender Champion but also shattered the previous record for speed bartending in India by crafting an astonishing 17 drinks in a mere 3 minutes
5. The World's Best Bar from Barcelona makes its debut in India
The Leela Palace, Bengaluru’s Kyoto speakeasy, ZLB23 is all set to collaborate with modern-day neo-speakeasy and world’s no. 1 bar Paradiso from Barcelona. The collaboration will redefine the art of cocktails in this first of its kind bar takeover