All you need to know about the delicious and trending butter boards
Image: Justine Doiron
Many variations of the butter board are making the rounds of the Internet, setting aside the cheese boards for now
However, this delightful idea took birth in the mind of chef Joshua McFadden, along with a mention in his 2017 book 'Six Seasons: A New Way with Vegetables'
Image: NY Times
Challenging the much loved cheese board, the new butter board is actually more affordable and can be suited to everyone's taste by varying the toppings and their proportions.
Taking a few tips from Justine Doiron, a recipe developer, always use softened butter and follow it up with salt (as and if required) and citrus zest, for that much needed zing.
Image: Justine Doiron
Lastly, have fun mixing and matching your favourite toppings and seasoning and enjoy it with either toast, bagels or breadsticks. The choices are endless!
Image: @exploremoreorgan (IG)
Image and recipe: @vspiceroute (IG)