Because food is the biggest page-turner, we picked the best cookbooks for you

Madhur Jaffery's most recent book, launched in 2019 covers a delightful combination of classic and modern recipes, like butter chicken, Goan-style clams and Kashmiri style kale.
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Anahita Dhondy was raised in a Parsi family, so her book is not just a collection of amazing Parsi recipes, it is also an essay on own experiences and interactions with food.
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This cookbook spans over 500 authentic regional recipes from across India and is bifurcated as per each region, the perfect manual for a home cook looking to learn more about India's vast culinary repertoire.
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Esther David's new book is an exceptional journey into the community's food and culture. David traverses through the five predominant Jewish communities in India and pens down their recipes and its evolution.
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From recipes native to Awadhi cuisine to dishes from the bustling street of Calcutta, where she grew up, this book is not only a cookbook, but also a celebration of heritage, culture and community.
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