Bringing mead back to the forefront with Cerana Meads

Cerana is on a quest to bring back "Mead" – which is historically known as the nectar of Gods
Mead is a fermented drink made of honey, yeast & water. It is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages consumed in the world
The people at Cerana are dedicated artisans who have mastered the art of making mead the old-fashioned way but with a modern twist
By using sustainable beekeeping practices, Cerana Meads takes its responsibility towards the environment seriously. And this is reflected in their products as well
Cerana Meads represents tradition, innovation, and a green mindset - a trifecta that is resonating with consumers seeking authentic and eco-conscious choices in their beverages
From classic meads like Pinot Noir Pyment to creative blends like Blue Pea Lavender Mead, Cerana Meads offers a diverse range of flavours that elevate the mead-drinking experience