Celebrate Republic Day with a grand feast!

Republic Day Extravaganza at The Thane Club
From the aromatic spices of the North to the tropical delights of the South, let Masaledar and South Stories at The Thane Club be your culinary guides on this flavorful expedition.
BLVD Club Celebrates Republic Day with a Culinary Ode to India's Rich Tapestry
To celebrate the 75th Republic Day, BLVD Club, Bangalore's first luxury club, invites you to feast with a special menu that is a vibrant, delicious tribute to the rich tapestry of Indian cuisine
Celebrate Republic Day at Food Exchange, Novotel Vijayawada Varun, Andhra Pradesh
To commemorate India's 75th Republic Day, Food Exchange has curated a spectacular brunch experience that combines global and local delights, reflecting the diversity and unity that defines our nation
Celebrate the patriotic spirit of Republic Day at The Bhawanipur House
Indulge in a culinary celebration that transcends the ordinary, where each dish is thoughtfully crafted to honor the Tricolour theme, imparting a distinctive touch to elevate your dining experience