Debunking 5 myths to unlock the full potential of food

#1 Fruit juice is as healthy than whole fruit
Whole fruits are essentially packed with natural fibre, anti-oxidants and a host of vitamins and minerals. And once the fruit is subjected to a juicer, it's easy for all of this to get lost in the pulp that we discard
#2 Cooking vegetables in a pressure cooker causes it to lose its nutrients
Yes, prolonged cooking can result in less nourished food, but employing devices like a pressure cooker that aids in quick cooking means, you are using less water and cooking in even less time, locking in all the nutrients right there.
#3 Skipping meals helps in weight loss
When you don't eat for a while your metabolism starts to slow down, trying to conserve fuel till the next meal. And when you finally do eat after skipping a meal, your body tends to store more of those calories as fat.
#4 You should drink 8 glasses of water everyday
First things first, our hydration needs aren't a one-size-fits-all concept. The ideal amount of water consumed varies depending on factors like age, activity level and even the weather.
#5 Fresh produce is healthier than frozen
Fresh produce is packed with nutrients when it's just plucked. But more often than not, what we deem to be fresh has actually spent a considerable time in store houses before they reach our plate.