NISAKI - India’s dazzling new colour-changing spirit!

There’s a new party in town and Nisaki is at the heart of it!
At the heart of the formulation of Nisaki is a kaleidoscopic feast crafted just for you, to celebrate your preferences and embrace your individuality.
With every sip of Nisaki comes the promise of a premium, high-quality product distilled and bottled in Goa, straight from the house of Project Peacock.
Hand-crafted with care, distillation of the rice-based spirit is done in a copper pot in small batches and undergoes a three-step process.
Distinctly floral and smooth, Nisaki is distilled with 16 organic botanicals, melding together the native and exotic ingredients in just that perfect blend.
The brand is now available in Goa, following which it will gracefully make its way across the entire nation.