Our list of the 20 best chefs from India

From paying homage to our Indianness, to taking sustainability to the next level—these stars have done it all
Manish Mehrotra
Manish Mehrotra is a visionary and stands out for his innate ability to reinterpret Indian food through a modern lense.
Prateek Sadhu
Chef Prateek has woven magic with indigenous produce and changed the way Indian food is perceived globally.
Amninder Sandhu
Chef Amninder is busy re-stitching the fabric of food delivery with her ventures by exploring Indian cuisines and lost recipes.
Hussain Shahzad
When chef Hussain and imagination come together, appetizing (and crazy) dishes get plated and served.
Regi Mathew
For chef Regi, authenticity is the evolution of food and adapting to the new normal of the food industry.
Naren Thimmaiah
Chef Naren believes that the origins of a recipe has the secret to its greatness.
Chalapathi Rao
Chef Chalapathi Rao strikes the perfect balance between tradition and evolution of food.
Pankaj Sharma
Chef Pankaj Sharma has a singular focus on Ladakhi food and we applaud him for bringing to fore a cuisine that is yet to be globally recognised.
Nikhil Nagpal
Chef Nikhil dares to experiment with techniques but at the same time he also tries to stay close to the origins of a dish.
Vanika Choudhary
Chef Vanika is a true-blue champion of sustainability in food and that's what we love about her.
Anumitra Ghosh
Chef Anumitra has a unique approach towards food, which is evolved, responsible and intersectional, in equal measure.
Gresham Fernandes
Chef Gresham has a knack for creating some of the most delightful food, while drawing inspiration from places we definitely would miss at first glance.
Radhika Khandelwal
Mastering sustainable cooking techniques and zero-waste cooking, this spunky chef has curated many recipes around these concepts.
Dhruv Oberoi
Chef Dhruv stands out for his ability to look within the culture of sustainability, inherently present in Indian cuisine.
Alex Sanchez
Chef Alex redefined casual-dining for Mumbaikars and then proceeded to set the benchmark with his own venture, Americano.
Urvika Kanoi
Chef Urvika's strength lies in her ability to create bold dishes, while remaining true to them.
Jamsheed Bhote
Cooking with european techniques and introducing us to cuisines from around the globe is just one of the many things Chef Jamsheed is known for.
Rahul Gomes
Better known as chef Picu, Gomes has received great appreciation for making desi flavours relevant in all cuisines.
Seefah Ketchaiyo
Chef Seefah's mission is to introduce India to the aromatic flavours of Thailand.
Sujan Sarkar
Chef Sujan's speciality lies in perceiving global ingredients through a modern lens and the prism of molecular gastronomy.
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