Relive the 90s with Cobbler & Crew's latest cocktail menu

Renowned for its innovative cocktails, Cobbler & Crew unveils their highly anticipated second edition cocktail menu, which captures the essence of the 90s era.
Within four distinct categories - Grandma's Remedies, refreshing concoctions of Summer Vacation, fruity Childhood Dreams, and bittersweet Frenemies - you'll find an array of flavors that evoke cherished memories.
Among the enticing selection across these four categories are standout creations such as 2 Min Noods, Drink Your Veggies, Rainbow Pockets, and many more inventive concoctions
Furthermore, the menu introduces DIY cocktails like "DIY Banta and The Legends," as well as a unique twist with "B Grade Blockbuster," where scanning a code takes you to a song from classic 90s films
Additionally, the new menu also includes the Picante, Feeling Good, Midnight Blues, Crew Sabai and Sweet Bitter Love.
Get ready to embark on a journey through time with Cobbler & Crew's 90s inspired cocktail menu.