Savour the best of Japanese and European flavours at Gigi, Mumbai

Luxurious Ambiance
Nestled in Bandra, Gigi stands out with its sprawling two-story, 6,000 sqft space, a rarity in the bustling neighborhood, inviting you to indulge in spacious luxury
Aesthetic Finesse
From white lace curtains to glowing chandeliers, Gigi strikes the perfect balance between luxury and comfort, making it an inviting space for all
Attention to Quality
From San Marzano tomatoes for pizza sauce to unagi and wakame from Japan, Gigi ensures that each dish reflects the authenticity of its core ingredients
Unexpected Culinary Pleasures
From a cheesy, indulgent Japanese teriyaki pizza to a sophisticated salmon and tuna crudo, Gigi surprises diners with unexpected culinary delights, challenging notions of Euro-Japanese fusion
Innovative Mixology
The bar menu, spanning from Pre-Dawn to the Cocktail Revolution, showcases the rise of Japanese cocktails, promising a unique drinking experience