Green Block Farms
From crisp arugula leaves for your watermelon and feta salad to massive peppers this farm does a variety of vegetables, out of which we like their celery and cherry tomatoes.
Photo: @greenblockfarmsmumbai (Instagram)
Stemwater Farms
Ready to blitz celery, opal basil, kale leaves, snacking cucumbers and fresh green amaranth can be found here. Or, get your hands on their blue pea tea for a bluesy drink.
Photo: (Instagram)
Satvik Greens
Order in their fresh bok choy and zucchini to add into your pan.The veggies retain their crunch on cooking and are utterly fresh.
Photo: @satvikgreens (Instagram)
Bombay Hydroponics
Their USP is the ''DIY Grow Kit' that will channelise your green thumb. Perfect to grow your own chillies, herbs, salads greens, tomatoes, lettuce and more.
Photo: @bombayhydroponics (Instagram)