• IFN Welcomes Chef Pranav Joshi

    This week on India Food Network, we welcome Chef Pranav Joshi in the family with his brand new YouTube channel, 'Har Ghar Mai Super Chef'. Catch the Gujarati boy drop by at people's homes to help them cook up a hearty meal. Do not miss the very gorgeous Amrita Raichand showcase recipes every Friday on her YouTube channel 'Being Amrita: Chef & Beyond' where she focuses on her journey in the world of food, and demonstrates some of her best family recipes picked up on the way. We are excited to share with you our festive recipes, pantry essentials and restaurant guides for this festive season. Sign up for a pasta-making workshop, Vietnamese basics or attend a food bazaar in Mumbai to learn restaurant dishes at home. Last but not the least, we continue to bring to your kitchen hacks of a different kind with easy-to-follow videos from our network chefs every week. Be the kitchen goddess with IFN Tips & Tricks.

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