10 distinct Indian chicken curry recipes that spicy food lovers need to bookmark

10 distinct Indian chicken curry recipes that spicy food lovers need to bookmark

One thing India will always be known for is its diversity, especially when it comes to food. As diverse as our nation is, the curry manifests itself in accordance with geography. Each corner of the curry hosts a chicken curry that is hearty and bursting with unique local ingredients. While recipes may vary across regions, essentially, chicken curry is soul food whether it is for a dinner party or a Sunday brunch menu.

From being luxurious, robust, tangy and creamy; the chicken curry caters to specific taste buds, often leaving us with a lingering memory—all flavours that can be paired with rice, naan, chapati and even appams make a complete meal this weekend. Here's a snapshot of the distinct chicken curry recipes from different regions of India that you can try.

Nagaland Chicken Curry

A curry that imbibes the earthiness of colocasia (taro) leaves, bamboo shoot and black pepper, this recipe should feature on your must-try list for the weekend.

Indian Village (Gavthi) Chicken Curry

This recipe, a staple common to Konkan along the west coast of India uses the bone-in chicken that elevates the flavour profile of the curry. Spices like cumin, coriander, cinnamon, turmeric and chillies render this curry a must-have with rice bhakris.

Dhakai Chicken Curry

A yoghurt based curry that's infused with the distinctive taste of mustard oil, the flavour profile is enriched with a creamy paste of plums and dry fruits.

Goan Green Chicken Curry

This recipe has the chicken cooked into a lush green gravy made out of coriander, mint, green chillies and coconut. An easy pressure cooker recipe, this curry should feature on your lazy Sunday wishlist.

Chicken Chettinad

A classic delicacy from down South, this chicken curry is marinated in yoghurt, turmeric, red chilli paste, coconut, poppy seeds and kalpasi, poppy seeds, pepper and groundnuts, it's best served with steamed rice or malabar parotha.

Dhaba Style Chicken Curry

Every road trip is reminiscent of a Dhaba styled chicken curry with tandoori rotis. Freshly ground spices, charcoal smoked chicken and loads of ghee is why this irresistible curry is an all-time favourite.

Kerala Chicken Stew

A curry that packs a punch with spices and simmered in coconut milk finds an accomplice in appams—it's the ideal meal for a lazy Sunday brunch at home.

Chicken Dhansak

This versatile yet classic Parsi staple merges spices, lentils and vegetables. A perfect for a curry night, enjoy it with pav or steamed rice.

Chicken Vindaloo

One of Goa's best culinary secrets, this chicken curry is not for the light-hearted as it is filled with aromatic spices and can easily be described as heaven on a plate.

Simplicity and flavours are what render a chicken curry truly delightful. As chicken curry aficionados, we absolutely recommend you to try these. You can thank us later.

Nirupama Chaudhary

Nirupama Chaudhary

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