This week, we're exploring the potency of Meghalayan spices, the voices who champion them and of course, Squid Game candy

This week, were exploring the potency of Meghalayan spices, the voices who champion them and of course, Squid Game candy

A day in the life of a journalist involves meeting a whole lot of people and then sifting through them to find stories you want to share with everyone who'd hear. My conversation with the young stars Kimbretta Khongwir, head of Zizira and Jubanylla Bang, Head of Product Development for our October digital cover was one such story. The two women are at the fore of a Meghalaya-based brand that is ensuring you add good quality, fair trade spices to your cart through their e-commerce business alongside "making farmers famous".

We also tried and tested out a food trend that somewhat took over the internet, and by we I mean our Food Editor Suman Quazi, who took one for the team and guzzled down a glass full of Maggi milkshake. Loaded with cheese, veggies and more cheese, this "milkshake" is not like your sweet berry shake you'd want to sip on a drive on a Friday night. It's a savoury dish that Quazi did not particularly warm up to, but came away upholding the rights of those who'd want to indulge in it, outlandish as it may have been.

Our obsession with Maggi will never end and if you're looking for a new way to eat your favourite noodles, follow our recipe for Maggi manchow soup that's perfect for the last few showers of this season. And on days when you're out of fresh veggies, watch our video for papad ki sabzi which makes for an easy and satisfying weeknight dinner.

On the other hand, we had our Digital Marketing Specialist Tarvene Shahpuri, who did a bit of workcation and then, shared details on that too. If you're an adventure junkie she recommends Della Resorts, a stone's throw away from Mumbai and Pune, where she burned calories consumed through a week of reviews and such by taking part in the 100 + adventure sports they have on offer, followed by a meal of burrata and mushroom pasta.

To give you weekday meal ideas, junior Writer Samika Aurora has curated 12 recipes that include breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas that feature Sindhi kadhi for a busy Monday to paneer biryani for a family night in on a Saturday.

Now the best part about my letter, sharing my obsession with Netflix's newest show Squid Game. Korean shows and their food scenes have had us hooked for months now, which is why a story on a food trend emanating from the shows. But this one is special. It has a sugar candy cut with a cookie cutter that can be turned into a game night at home. Read the piece to replicate the recipe at home. Oh and don't forget to report back and tell us what you made of it.

Sonal Ved

Sonal Ved


Sonal Ved is the editor at IFN. She is also an author of an award-winning cookbook called Tiffin. She travelled through the first five tastes to be able to tell between a brie and provolone dolce. She can make stellar undhiyu and a green smoothie.

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