30 Indian mithai recipes you can make in under 30 minutes

A comprehensive guide to mouth-watering and easy recipes for the upcoming festive season

30 Indian mithai recipes you can make in under 30 minutes

What is an Indian festival without its fair share of mithai, right? Being part of a culture, where each occasion is marked by sweets, we took it upon ourselves to put together a recipe guide with our favourite mithais that can be cooked in under thirty minutes. Trust us, it's all you need for the impending festive season that's knocking on our doors.

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Rava Ladoo

Flavourful, quick and easy to make, these rava ladoos comprise ingredients like wet grated coconut, sugar, ghee, rava and cardamom powder. If you're looking for a trusted, no-fuss recipe, this is it.

Oreo Modak

Don't shake it until you've tried it. If you're someone who likes to experiment in the kitchen, this Oreo modak recipe will not disappoint. Made with condensed milk, crushed Oreos and desiccated coconut, these sweets are sure to add extra sparkle to your festivities.

Sweet Baked Pears

A treat for your tastebuds, these baked pears are the fusion food you've been waiting for. The fruit is stuffed with a mash of dried fruits, immersed in an indulgent rose-cardamom syrup and then, baked in an oven.

Apricot Balls

We know, ''healthy desserts'', are a debatable concept. However, since we're on the topic, there is a recipe that we think fits the bill. Our apricot balls are made with a blend of almonds, oats, apricots and coconut. With no added sugars and a combination of champion ingredients, this is a recipe you can enjoy guilt-free.

Easy Kaju Katli

Kaju Katli in three minutes? Yes, you read that right! With our recipe, you can now whip up the iconic Indian mithai in a jiffy. All you need is cashew powder, sugar, water and silver vark. Watch the entire video for more details.

Beetroot Basundi

If you're looking to make an easy yet indulgent Indian dessert, our beetroot basundi is a great place to begin. The creamy concoction is made with full cream milk, chopped pistachios, almonds and grated beetroot. If you do try it, don't forget to tell us how it turned out.

Chikoo Barfi

You've heard of mango and kaju barfi, now try chikoo barfi. Quick and simple to make, this recipe uses readily available pantry ingredients like mawa, sugar, cashew nuts and chikoo pulp.


If you grew up in an Indian home, there's no way you missed out on the joys of polishing off a bowl full of sweet, hot rasgullas! One of the most popular Bengali sweets, this is one mithai that makes an appearance at almost every Indian festival. And now with our help, you can make them in the comfort of your own home.

Falahaari Malpua

Here's a malpua recipe you can enjoy even if you're fasting. After all, what's any Indian festival without a lavish spread of sweets? Made with fast-friendly atta, ghee, milk and more, it's sure to be a hit in your home.

Mithai Cigar Rolls

Try our mithai cigars recipe and get a little creative with sweet platter this season. A mixture of ingredients like cardamom, almonds and mawa are rolled into cylinders and then deep-fried and drizzled with sweet honey and chopped green pistachios. Intrigued? We bet.

Bombay Halwa

Bombay or Karachi halwa is a dish that needs no introduction. Typically having a bright orange hue, this mithai only needs time to set. Once done, slice up the halwa into smaller cubes and they're ready for you to enjoy.

Pineapple Peda

A fruity twist to your regular Indian sweet, this pineapple peda recipe is a must-try. Made using just four ingredients, it's perfect for when you need to do due diligence on a short notice.

Rum Balls

Treat yourself to a little piece of heaven with our no-bake, chocolate rum ball recipe. Made with dark chocolate and crunchy nuts, these sweets can be garnished with cocoa powder, desiccated coconut or sprinkles. Trust us when we say, you can't go wrong with this one.

Puran Poli

One of the most iconic Maharashtrian desserts, puran poli is best enjoyed with a hot cup of tea. The sweet flatbread is made with boiled chana, jaggery and ghee. Not only is this a widely-loved recipe but also, fairly simple to make.

Khus Khus Kheer

Khus khus kheer or the poppy seed payasam is a well known South Indian delicacy. For the upcoming festive season this year, surprise your family by swapping your regular, store-bought boxes of mithai with this flavourful, homemade treat.

Instant Mawa Modak

A Ganesh Chauturthi special but an all-time favourite dessert nonetheless, modaks are iconic. With our quick recipe, you can now make them in under five minutes. All you need is mawa, sugar and cardamom powder.

Coconut Peda

This coconut peda recipe brings together two of our favourite ingredients—chocolate and coconut. Mix up the ingredients, roll them into balls and you're all set.

Besan Ladoo

Here's a step by step guide to making what is easily a childhood favourite—besan ladoo. Follow the video to the T and whip these classic delights at home.

Gulab Jamun

Who doesn't love the golden brown, melt-in-your-mouth gulab jamun? You can now recreate the Indian sweet at home using our recipe. Thank us later.

Chocolate Dates

We're ditching the dude and getting romantic with these chocolate-covered dates, because a happy tummy is the best way to nourish a happy heart. A true treat for your tastebuds, our fuss-free recipe is all you need this festive season.

Sevai Kheer

Looking for a foolproof, quick dessert? We seriously recommend making this roasted vermicelli with milk or sevai kheer for the perfect sweet ending to all your festive meals.

Homemade Beetroot Halwa

Not to take away the spotlight from gajar ka halwa but this beetroot halwa is equally tasty. What's better? It's super simple to make! Garnish with chopped pistachios, cashews and almonds, and you've got a feast-worthy dessert.

Boondi Ladoo

Perfect for the festive season, you can now make soft, fresh boondi ladoos at home. And we've got a step by step guide to show you how to do it too.

Kaju Pista Roll

In this recipe, we combine the goodness of cashews and pistachios in one delicious, flavourful Indian mithai. Now, this recipe may take some practice to perfect but once you've got it right, you'll keep coming back for more.

Vegan Gajar Halwa

For all vegans reading this story, we haven't forgotten about you. Try our modified gajar ka halwa recipe because it is the perfect way to enjoy an indulgent mithai in a healthy yet tasty way.


This speedy batasha or sugar drop candy recipe is perfect for when you need to whip up something last minute. You only need sugar, water and a few minutes to cool and set the mixture. And then you're done.

Boondi Custard Creme Brule

Give your regular creme brûlée a desi twist with our boondi custard creme brûlée recipe. Now, while it might sound complicated, this is one of the easiest fusion mithais you can make at home. Try it, please.

Chocolate Barfi

This one's for all the chocoholics. Our chocolate barfi with is sure to add that extra spark to your celebrations. Try the fuss-free recipe, which can be replicated in under 15 minutes. All that you need to do then, is wait for it to set and then dig right in.

Rasmalai Parfait

If the word 'sinful' could take physical form, it would be in this homemade rasmalai parfait mithai. Unique and full of flavour, this fusion dessert can be garnished with any seasonal fruit of your choice.

Chawal Ki Kheer

An Indian household favourite, chaawal ki kheer is like one of those old Hindi movies that never goes out of style. Our aromatic recipe is one that's made with ingredients like rose water, cardamom, saffron and can be prepared in under 30 minutes.

Happy Festive Season!

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