30 Navratri recipes to binge on this garba season

Aye halo halo! Why should your wardrobe have all the fun? Your palate deserves a feast too.


It's official. Navratri season is here. The festival of bonhomie, garba, fasting, colourful clothes, and of course, delectable food commences on 7th October this year. While fasting is commonly observed, the rules vary from region to region with every household following their own customs. The basic idea to consume light and healthy food does not mean that it needs to be a boring affair. With indigenous fasting-approved ingredients like yoghurt, fresh fruits, vegetables, singhara atta, kuttu atta, makhana and sabudana, transform these 9 days into a food fiesta to rival your equally colourful Navratri wardrobe. Here are 30 recipes worth your time, money and calories.

Singhare ka halwa

Singhare atte ka halwa is a staple, textured sweet made from water chestnut flour by roasting it with ghee aplenty and then, sweetened by sugar. Roasted dried fruits zing up this humble dish more.


As the name suggests, this traditional on-the-go cooling drink with the goodness of nuts, poppy seed paste, rose and saffron cold milk can keep you on your toes for hours.


Quintessentially desi, this broken wheat pudding is characterised by its rich aroma, intense brown looks and sweet flavour profile.

Sitaphal rabdi

Ripe, de-seeded custard apple chunks blended with creamy milk is a perfect way to beat the fasting blues on days when you are craving fruity sweetness and wholesome milk to keep you up and perky.

Peanut ladoo

Snack like a champion with these fuss-free peanut and jaggery energy boosters aka peanut ladoos that are for-sure keepers.

Makhane ka halwa

This quick-fix halwa is not only replete with calcium, proteins and iron but will also keep those hunger pangs at bay.

Gud ka paratha

Don't miss out on your paranthas this festive season. Embrace the gud-ness of these meethi Rotis, a staple in North Indian households.

Dried fruit milkshake

This high-on protein, low-on fat milkshake with dried fruits and nuts is the perfect one-in-all meal for Navratri fasting.

Moong dal halwa

This recipe may be laborious but trust us, the result is a sweet, aromatic, cannot-stop-at-one-bite delight!

Chawal ki phirni

Indulge in the goodness of this festive staple—creamy milk pudding with basmati rice, sugar, nuts and cardamom or rose water.

Belgaum kunda

A rich dessert, belgaum kunda is essentially reduced milk with added sugar and cashew nuts. It is also known as kalakand in North India and terati pal in Tamil Nadu.

Doodhi ki muthiyua

This steamed Gujarati snack, also a street food staple, is simple but flavourful. Made from doodhi or lauki along with besan and spices, it's a must-have with coriander chutney.

Upwas thalipeeth

This is a typical Maharashtrian pancake made with fasting-approved flours of bhagar, rajgira, sabudana, singada mixed with potato and spices. Relish it by dunking it in dahi.

Apple jalebi

Giving your regular jalebis a run for their money, these apple jalebis are deep-fried rings dipped in sugar syrup. Heaven, right?

Kesar rasmalai

These soft, spongy cottage cheese balls immersed in sweetened and thickened milk with flavours of cardamom and saffron kicking in, is what festive fervour really tastes like.

Rajgira atta kachori

Say hello to these crispy, crunchy indulgent fasting snacks that are also healthy and masaledaar!

Sabudana uttapam

Savoury pancakes that are also gluten-free, are best served with yoghurt. Try our sabudana uttapam now.

Kuttu ke atte ka cheela

Fibre-rich cheelas that are easy to make, are just what you need this fasting season to keep you going strong.

Aloo tikki

A crispy outer layer with a softer inside, what's not to love about the good old aloo tikki?

Raw banana fry

Nutritionally dense, these protein-rich fritters are a staple in South India and just as easy to make as they are to consume.

Falhari malpua

Deep-fried pancakes dunked in sugar syrup and garnished with dried fruits, these bite-sized sweets may be a street food staple, but make them home this Navratri using our nifty recipe.

Samak attte ki lapasi

Heaven on a plate is when you serve this lapasi with hot fluffy pooris. Enriched with dried fruits, there's texture in every bite.

Ratalyachi bhaji

Easy to make, this sweet potato preparation is dry but offers a panoply of textures and is an absolute must-have.

Sabudana atta dahi bhalle

These fluffy dahi bhalles dunked in sweet and spicy yoghurt are a treat, whether you're fasting or not.

Samak atte ke gulab jamun

Why should anyone stop eating gulab jamuns just because they're fasting? Bend the rules in your favour with our samak atte ke gulab jamun this Navratri.

Kuttu atta cookies

Cookies for fasting? Why not? These buckwheat flour cookies will have you chomping on them right till Christmas.

Dried fruit rabdi

Luscious milk cream with oodles of dried fruits adding a crunch is what makes this rabdi oh-so-perfect and a keeper.

Banana walnut lassi

Make plain lassi fun with this energising creamy recipe that is brimming with walnuts, banana and honey.

Gujarati sabudana vada

These are deep-fried crispy sago fritters that are best eaten with coconut chutney. Also, they are vegan and gluten-free. Enough said!

On this indulgent note, here's wishing everyone an auspicious and hearty food-filled Navratri. Let us know which recipe you are trying first.

Nirupama Chaudhary

Nirupama Chaudhary

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