Garlic bread, but make it fancy

5 nifty hacks to up your garlic bread with sauces, recipes and cool upgrades

Garlic bread, but make it fancy

Not going to lie, we think any type of bread with a big smear of butter and a garlic rub will taste divine. But since we like to surprise and delight ourselves with culinary creativity, we want to show you five ways to take your garlic bread to the next level. With these hacks, you can easily turn this side dish into the talk of the party.

1. Roast your garlic

Slow roasting your garlic in the oven makes it gooey, caramelised and mellows it's strong flavour. Not to mention, that Italian food smell that it'll engulf your kitchen in. Watch this video to learn how to make it.

2. Pesto it up

Creamy and nutty pesto with garlic bread is a match made in heaven. Top up your bread with this sauce to make it classy and colourful.

3. Veganise it

We thought it was a crime to skip the butter in garlic bread but everyone should be able to enjoy this dish, no matter what their dietary restrictions. So, put a smile on all your vegan friends' faces by making this garlic bread that everyone can dig into.

4. Dip it in salsa

Garlic bread is the perfect side for a chicken, fish or lamb main and if you want to give it a Spanish twist, prepare this bowl of mango and pineapple salsa to serve it with. Not only is it an easy but fancy dish to prepare but it will also brighten up the whole meal.

5. Make it pizza-like

Turning garlic bread into pizza is the perfect example of taking a good thing and making it even better. Follow our recipe for Italian tomato sauce to spread over your garlic bread and sprinkle with cheese to fix yourself a lip-smacking treat.

Samika Aurora

Samika Aurora

After graduating from USC and making the most of LA's food scene, Samika is now back in India and ready to explore the food in her own country. A culinary enthusiast, she spends a lot of time brainstorming dinner ideas, looking up new restaurants, listening to podcasts and has a special knack for churning her own ice cream.

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