8 recipes that prove colocasia and sweet potatoes are just as 'yam' as the regular spud

If you're looking to give your regular fries a relatively healthier upgrade, or simply looking to switch things up, you'll love this

8 recipes that prove colocasia and sweet potatoes are just as yam as the regular spud

Let's face it, when it comes to versatility, potatoes win the game. Having said that, with growing concerns around health, and not to mention the ungodly amount of carbs that come with a single serving of potato (every 100 grams of potato has 17 grams of carbohydrates), it might be a good idea to look at its substitutes. If you're looking to give your regular mash or fries a relatively healthier upgrade, or are simply looking to switch things up, here are a few recipes that champion the potato's cousins—be it the starchy taro or the tuberous yam, we've got lip-smacking preparations you must take note of.

Colocasia curry

In this recipe, the arbi, which is what we call colocasia or taro colloquially, is cooked with flavour-rich ingredients like coconut, tamarind, red chilli and tamarind. It's a comforting curry best enjoyed with hot rotis or a pot of steaming rice.

Crispy arbi fry

A typical North Indian snack, our crispy arbi fry recipe will brighten up your day. Boiled arbi is tossed in a medley of spices and ingredients like, amchur and red chilli powder, diced green chillies and garlic paste turning it into an addictive and zesty snack. Pair it with rice and dal to give the humble meal a fun upgrade..

Yam pie

To be honest, this yam pie is a derivative of the authentic Gujarati dish, kand no handvo, a savoury pink pie-like preparation made with slices of steamed purple yam, boiled and mashed potatoes, yoghurt and an array of herbs and spices. Widely eaten as a tea-time snack, it tastes even better with a little green chutney.

Yam hash browns

Hash browns but make it yam-my! In this recipe, shredded yams are mashed together with paneer and the mixture is peppered with salt, chilli flakes and a mix of spices. The patties are then lightly fried until golden brown and enjoyed as a brekkie staple or even a tea-time snack.

Tandoori sweet potato

A monsoon special, this lip-smacking tandoori shakharkhandi recipe will leave you wanting more. Boiled sweet potatoes are draped in a yoghurt marinade and then cooked in sesame oil, along with tamarind juice and garam masala.

Sweet potato in jaggery syrup

Made typically in a Sindhi household, this dish can be eaten as fast food or even as a post-dinner dessert. It features the sweet combination of jaggery syrup, light spices and sliced sweet potatoes.

Suranachi Bhaji

Suran ki sabzi is usually eaten as Indian fasting food. For this recipe, sliced elephant foot yam is cooked together with spices like ginger, haldi and garlic to give you a dish with robust flavours.

Suran ki sabzi

Diced elephant foot yam is a traditional South Indian recipe, typically prepared with ingredients like mustard seeds, urad dal, curry leaves, red chilli and lots of ground pepper. Quick and tasty, this one's a keeper.

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