5 Diwali recipes that are festive, healthy and downright awesome

This Diwali, serve snacks with a side of health

Update: 2022-10-22 04:30 GMT

Diwali is here and that means, before you know it, we will be playing pass-the-parcel with son papdi and savoury snacks uncontrollably. While this is the time to let go of all those diets and enjoy oneself, it is probably wiser to not engage in complete oversight. It's natural for health to take a back seat during the festivities, but what if we told you, you could enjoy the best of both worlds? With this list of healthy Diwali recipes, you can celebrate guilt-free. 

Dahi bhalla

Chaat is a must during Diwali. And this no-fry, soft, dahi bhalla recipe is just what you'll need if you are looking to make your chaat healthy.Made with moong dal and packed with nutrients, fibre and protein it's the perfect addition to your card-party menu. Don't think, just dig in.

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Gud ka paratha

If you always need something sweet after namkeen,', here is a solution. Switch your generic, store-bought sweet with this easy-to-make gud ka paratha. Cooked in the goodness of ghee and jaggery, it is healthy, homemade and happiness in the true sense. 

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Peanut ladoo

Peanuts are rich in proteins, good fats and fibre. The Diwali-favourite recipe incorporates the health benefits of peanuts to make a filling and power-packed snack.

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Keto Mathri

Try this keto mathris at home. They make for a delicious snack and can be enjoyed whenever, wherever without an ounce of guilt.

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Keto Indian sweets

You can now learn to make keto-style kaju and badam katli. Cashews and almonds come loaded with vitamins and minerals, making these sweets the perfect healthy snack to pass around when you have guests over.

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So, which healthy recipe are you going to try this festive season? All, we hope.


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