5 Must-Try Dishes for a Flavourful Parsi New Year Celebration

From the quintessential egg dishes to a crispy delicacy, our list has it all

Update: 2023-08-16 04:57 GMT

Parsi New Year, also known as Navroz, holds immense cultural and historical significance for the Parsi community. It commemorates the Zoroastrian faith's arrival in India over a thousand years ago, escaping religious persecution in Persia. Legend has it that their arrival in India is preceded by an amusing anecdote.

According to the story, when the Zoroastrian refugees were seeking a new land to escape persecution in Persia, they approached King Jadi Rana, an Indian ruler, seeking asylum. The king was hesitant to accommodate more immigrants, however, the group came up with a clever plan to win his favour. A Parsi priest approached the king, carrying a vessel of milk filled to the brim. Instead of begging for shelter, he subtly implied that the Parsis would integrate smoothly into the kingdom, just like how milk would blend with sugar and sweeten without spilling a drop

The sumptuous feast during Parsi New Year includes a delectable array of dishes that reflect a fusion of Persian and Indian flavours. From the iconic Parsi dhansak, a savoury meat and lentil stew, to the flavourful patra ni macchi, a steamed fish delicacy wrapped in banana leaves and infused with aromatic spices, the menu is a gastronomic delight.

Here is our list of recipes that you must try, on this auspicious occasion.

Chicken Farcha
Chicken farcha is the crown jewel of Parsi cuisine consisting of crispy fried chicken marinated in a flavourful blend of spices, herbs, and yogurt. It's relatively easy to make, while the rich flavours and crisp texture make the dish a perfect addition to your Navroze celebration.

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Bhaji Par Eda
Bhaji Par Eda combines the goodness of spicy vegetables with fried eggs or eda. Egg is a very common ingredient in Parsi cuisine, and this dish involves sautéing a mix of flavourful vegetables with aromatic spices, creating a vibrant base.

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No Parsi meal is complete without Akuri. It is a scrambled egg dish seasoned with spices, onions, tomatoes and green chillies, then cooking it until it is creamy and slightly runny. Akuri symbolises a blend of warmth, comfort and a fresh start as you embark on the year ahead.

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Patra Ni Macchi
Patra ni Macchi holds a special significance in Parsi culture, representing a cherished culinary tradition that has been passed down through generations. This dish serves as a symbol of unity and celebration within the Parsi community. Enjoying Patra ni Macchi is more than just savouring a delicious meal; it's a heartfelt connection to Parsi roots and a way to honor their rich culinary legacy.

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Parsi-Style Crispy Sabji

Parsi-style crispy sabji is a delightful dish that showcases an array of vegetables, meticulously sliced and marinated in a blend of aromatic spices, tangy flavours and perhaps a hint of sweetness. These vegetables are then coated with a light batter and deep fried until they achieve a crispy, golden texture. The result is a medley of crunchy and flavorful bites, perfect as a side or even a main dish.

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Let us know which dish you’ll be making this Navroze.


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