5 recipes, that are sure to keep you warm and cosy this winter

5 dishes brought to you by 5 regions across India

Update: 2023-02-03 04:56 GMT

Come winter and all of us are scampering and snuggling to retain warmth. The soothing quality of hot chocolates or warm bowls of creamy soup is exactly what everyone is looking for as the degrees drop. And of course there are the numerous winter specialities that each state enjoys, from the heated bowls of rogan josh in Kashmir to a very delectable beetroot thoran in Kerala, from a bajre ka raab in Rajasthan to a pitha in West Bengal.

Maybe, this winter you can switch things up a bit and introduce yourself to dishes from different regions? Scroll down further to know how to make 5 different winter specialties, borrowed from each region of the country.

Starting from the top (quite literally) Nalli Nahari (nahari meaning morning) is not just a winter favourite, borrowed from the Mughlai cuisine, but also makes for a filling and healthy breakfast. Made with bone-in mutton, the dish is cooked in such a way that the marrow from the bone melts into the gravy, lending the dish a rich texture and flavour.

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Nolen gurer, or palm date jaggery is commonly found and used as a substitute for sugar in West Bengal. And the jaggery happens to be available in winters. One such winter speciality brought to you from West Bengal is the nolen gurer rasgulla, whic besides being a delectable dessert, is also a comfort in the winters.

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If a bowl of soup is all you crave for in the winters, a bowl of rasam will definitely catch your eye. Served hot and full of flavour and spices keep you cosy and warm as the weather outside gets chilly. One can opt to have rasam with rice or as is like a bowl of soup.

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Undhiyu is essentially a vegetable casserole that makes use of all seasonal vegetables available during the season. Since traditionally the vegetable is cooked in an upside down earthen pot, or matlu, it is named undhiyu, which means upside down. This dish is especially eaten during Makarsankranti.

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Gajak is a sweet dish, similar to chikki, which comes from Madhya Pradesh. It is made with sesame seeds or peanuts, mixed with jaggery and is widely consumed during the winters. Try this recipe, which is a healthier version of the dish and let us know how you liked it.

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Out of these 5, which recipe is bound to be your new winter comfort food?

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