5 tempting regional recipes to savour during the monsoons

Explore our collection of 5 mouth-watering regional dishes perfect for rainy days

Update: 2023-07-12 05:56 GMT

Monsoon calls for all the fresh and piping hot comfort food that goes perfectly with a warm and soothing beverage of choice. As the rains pour down and the earth rejuvenates, it's the perfect time to indulge in a variety of delectable dishes that complement the cosy climate. It goes without saying that eating fresh and healthy food is always the better choice for our well-being. And this also explains why nutritionists across the globe prod you to opt for seasonal fruits and vegetables given their garden-fresh quality. So, while you could be anywhere in the country, these seasonal recipes celebrate the abundance of fresh produce and soul-warming flavours in five simple recipes. 

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Beetroot Poriyal
Beetroot poriyal is a vibrant and nutritious stir-fry side dish hailing from Tamil Nadu, which adds a burst of colour and flavour to any meal. The availability of freshly uprooted beetroot in monsoons makes this poriyal a healthy and popular choice.

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Pundi Gatti
This traditional Mangalorean breakfast recipe comes from the coastal region of Karnataka and is made with rice flour, grated coconut and seasoned with spices. These steamed dumplings are shaped like small cylinders as their soft and pillowy texture provides a sense of comfort. Pundi gatti is often served with chutney or curry for a flavourful start to the day.

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Karlachi Bhaji
Karela, also known as bitter gourd, is a vegetable most of us avoid. But the monsoon season brings in plenty of these gourds and we have a recipe that will ensure that this karlachi bhaji will not be a bitter affair at the dinner table. Follow the recipe to the T and maybe the vegetable will end up being a little bit more bearable, if not likeable.

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Bhindi Masala
Bhindi masala is a delightful yet humble North Indian staple featuring tender lady fingers cooked with onions and tomatoes. The vibrant flavours and satisfying textures make it a popular choice among all age groups. The vegetable is an excellent addition to any meal, perfect for all.

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Mulacha Paratha
These mulacha parathas (or radish parathas) make for a bountiful breakfast on a monsoon morning. pair the slightly piquant flaour of radish with a zesty pickle of your choice and feast away on a weekend with this easy recipe.

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