Enjoy a perfect day outdoors with nostalgic treats, savoury snacks and refreshing drinks this International Picnic Day

From burgers to cooling mocktails, you name it and our picnic basket has it

Update: 2024-06-18 05:05 GMT

International Picnic Day! For the longest time I was unaware about the existence of this day. However, as a child who thoroughly enjoyed picnics, this revelation couldn't have been better. To think about it, this day gives us a chance to go back to being a kid and enjoy the simple pleasures of outdoor dining. Whether in a local park, on a beach, or on your terrace, picnics offer a perfect blend of relaxation and recreation. In honour of this charming tradition, we've curated a selection of picnic basket-friendly recipes that are easy to prepare, transport and enjoy outdoors. Let’s make this International Picnic Day memorable with delicious food!

McDonald's Style Aloo Tikki Burger
The McDonald's aloo tikki burger used to be one of my favourite snacks back in time and still is. Recreating this beloved burger at home brings a wave of nostalgia and joy, allowing us to relive those simple pleasures and share the experience with a new generation. Whether for a picnic or a cosy meal at home, the aloo tikki burger is a delicious way to celebrate cherished memories.

Crispy Palak Mathri
Crispy palak mathri is the perfect solution for getting even the pickiest kids or adults to enjoy green leafy vegetables like spinach. This recipe transforms palak into a delicious, crunchy snack, deal for picnics or high-tea gatherings.

Cucumber Basil Cooler
The Cucumber basil cooler is an invigorating and sophisticated picnic drink that's sure to impress. Combining the crisp, refreshing taste of cucumber with the aromatic hint of fresh basil, this cooler is both hydrating and revitalising. Perfect for hot days, it offers a light, herbal flavour profile that is as delightful as it is rejuvenating.

Crispy Cheese Rolls
Crispy cheese corn rolls are a delightful snack loved by kids and adults alike. Perfect for picnics or parties, these rolls are easy to carry and disappear in a jiffy. Plus, they’re highly customisable. Add your favourite veggies to make them even more nutritious and tasty.

Mumbai Style Masala Toast Sandwich

The Mumbai masala toast sandwich features a spicy garlic chutney that perfectly complements the flavourful aloo sabzi stuffed between crispy toasted bread. Each bite offers a burst of bold, vibrant flavours that encapsulate the essence of Mumbai's bustling streets.

Watermelon Mogu Mogu
Infused with the sweet, juicy flavour of watermelon and chewy bits of coconut jelly, this drink offers a delightful combination of taste and texture. Its hydrating qualities make it an ideal choice for outdoor activities, keeping everyone cool and refreshed.

Crispy Bread Samosa
Who doesn't enjoy samosas? Especially when they come in mini, bite-sized portions like these crispy bread samosas! These delightful treats feature a flavorful potato filling all wrapped in flattened bread and fried to perfection. Served with a spicy green chutney or a hot and sweet chilli sauce, these bite size treats surely pack a punch.

When packing your picnic basket, consider adding a mix of these delicious treats, along with essential picnic supplies like a cosy blanket, reusable utensils and plenty of napkins. Happy International Picnic Day!


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