Spice up your TBR list with these 5 enthralling reads on all things food and history this National Reading Day

This National Reading Day we call out to all the food enthusiasts with a list of books that dive deep into Indian culture and cuisine

Update: 2024-06-19 05:05 GMT

National Reading Day holds a special place in my heart as a celebration of the magic of books and storytelling. What better way to honour this occasion than by delving into the captivating world of Indian cuisine through literature? Join me as we explore the pages of these five captivating books, each promising to transport you to the vibrant streets, fragrant spice bazaars and majestic royal kitchens of India. With their blend of history, anecdotes and mouthwatering recipes, these books not only tantalise the senses but also offer a heartfelt invitation to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Indian culture.

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Whose Samosa is it anyway?: The Story of where 'Indian' food really came from
By Sonal Ved

As someone who savours every bite of Indian cuisine, delving into a culinary journey across India with Sonal Ved was like embarking on a flavourful odyssey through the country's rich tapestry of tastes and traditions. The masterful storytelling skill-fully unveils the hidden narratives behind beloved recipes from the fragrant spices of Kashmir to the fiery curries of Kanyakumari making this book a must-read for anyone passionate about Indian culinary heritage and the vibrant stories woven into every dish.

This book isn't just about food; it's a vibrant celebration of India's cultures, traditions and histories.

Eating the Present, Tasting the Future: Exploring India through Her Changing Food
By Charmaine O'Brien

Immersed in the fascinating world of culinary arts, "Eating the Present, Tasting the Future" by Charmaine O'Brien has been my trusted companion through India's vibrant food culture. Its pages have led me through bustling streets and lively markets, revealing diverse tastes, styles and culinary practices that define India's food heritage. Authored by someone who understands that India's food is one of her most remarkable features.

This book invites you on a transformative journey that extends far beyond the plate, exploring how it keeps changing.

Feast And Fasts: A History Of Food In India
By Colleen Taylor Sen

Delving into "Feasts and Fasts: A History of Food in India" by Colleen Taylor Sen offers an enriching journey beyond mere culinary exploration. Through its pages readers gain a profound understanding of the intricate connections between food, culture and society in India. By exploring topics such as dietary practices, culinary innovations and the cultural significance of food this book provides invaluable insights into the broader historical and social contexts that have shaped Indian cuisine.

Moreover, with its lavishly illustrated pages and mouth-watering recipes, "Feasts and Fasts" promises to not only inform but also delight readers making it a compelling read for anyone eager to deepen their appreciation of Indian cuisine and its profound cultural significance.

A Taste of Time (A Food History of CaIcutta)
By Mohona Kanjilal

In Mohona Kanjilal's "A Taste of Time," this rich tapestry of flavours comes vividly to life. Through evocative storytelling and mouthwatering recipes Kanjilal beautifully encapsulates the essence of Calcutta's culinary history, offering readers a delightful exploration of its gastronomic evolution. As I delved deeper into the pages of this book I found myself not only tempted by the descriptions but also enlightened by the historical insights and cultural anecdotes shared within.

For anyone who shares my fascination with the intersection of history and cuisine, "A Taste of Time" is an indispensable read.

Curry: A Global History 
By Colleen Taylor Sen

For those enamoured by the enticing flavours and rich history of Indian cuisine, "Curry" is a literary feast not to be missed. Within its pages, Sen skillfully unravels the intricate tapestry of the term 'curry,'exploring its diverse incarnations and global influence.What sets "Curry" apart is its ability to dispel common myths and misconceptions surrounding this beloved dish, offering a deeper understanding that transcends mere culinary appreciation.

Don't forget to add these culinary adventures to your TBR list, ensuring your literary journey is seasoned with the rich flavours and vibrant tales of food, history and culture.


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