Take a look at 5 cocktails to shake, stir and sip under the sun

As the temperatures soar, elevate your cocktail game with a seasonal flair

Update: 2024-04-26 10:36 GMT

From the tangy zest of citrus to the luscious sweetness of ripe fruits, these concoctions are an ode to the sun-kissed days and balmy nights of the season. So, dust off your shaker, channel your inner mixologist, and get ready to infuse your summer gatherings with a burst of flavour that'll leave everyone craving for more!

Sip, savour and revel in the joy of the season as you indulge in these delightful elixirs.

Mango Fizz
It's a known fact that summers and mangoes go hand in hand. This season, to beat the heat, make use of the seasonal bounty to prepare for yourself a mango fizz that is sure to transport you to tropical beaches, while you simply relax and sip away.

What you will need:
30ml Gin (We suggest Samsara Gin as it blends perfectly with any concoction seamlessly)
15ml fresh lemon juice
Ice cubes
Mango slices or lemon twists, for garnish
Mango fig botanical water by Vaum Tonics
Salt, to rim the glass

What you need to do:
In a cocktail shaker, combine the gin and lemon juice along with ice cubes and shake vigorously for about 15-20 seconds to chill the mixture.
Rim the glass with salt and strain the mixture into a chilled cocktail glass filled with ice.
Top it off with the Mango Fig Botanical Water and enjoy your refreshing cocktail!

Southside Cocktail 
The Southside cocktail is a classic summer sipper, perfect for cooling down on hot days. With its refreshing combination of London dry gin, sweetened with just a hint of sugar, and brightened with the zing of fresh mint leaves and lemon slices, it's a quintessential thirst-quencher. Grab your shaker and watch the video below to shake up some Southsides for a taste of summer in every sip!

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Kesar Pista Whisky Flip
For all those who love snacking on nuts, satisfy your cravings with the irresistible Kesar Pista Whisky Flip! Bringing together the best of Indian ingredients with a little whisky, this tipple makes for a luxurious after-dinner delight.

What you will need:
60ml The Glenwalk Scotch
15ml pistachio syrup
15ml egg white
10ml saffron infused honey water

What you need to do:
In a shaker, combine The Glenwalk Scotch, pistachio syrup, saffron-infused honey water, and egg white.
Dry shake vigorously (without ice) to emulsify the egg.
Add ice into the shaker and shake until well chilled.
Strain the mixture into a coupe glass and garnish with crushed pistachios for a delightful crunch

Lychee and Jeera Martini
Fusing the sweet goodness of lychees with the Indian essence of cumin, here is a cocktail that is perfect for the summers. To ace this drink all you need is white rum, lychees, a little roasted cumin powder and a lot of ice. Just plop it all in a shaker and shake away for a while. Strain your essentially Indian martini into a glass and enjoy!

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Lemon Berry Breeze
There is just something about the zing of lemon mingles with the sweetness of berries that makes this tipple a go-to on a hot summer afternoon. If your palate is craving for a wholesome citrusy drink to find some respite in the heat, check out this recipe to quench your thirst.

What you will need:
45ml lemon rum (We suggest Rock Paper Rum’s zesty Lemon Rum)
2-3 strawberries (or even 6-7 mulberries will do the trick)
2-3 kaffir lime leaves
Club soda
Lots of ice

What you need to do:
Muddle fresh strawberries and kaffir lime leaves in a cocktail shaker, then add Zesty Lemon Rum and shake well.
Strain this mixture into a glass filled with ice and top it up with a refreshing mix of club soda and Sprite.
Garnish with a lemon wedge for that extra burst of flavour.

Shake off the heat, grab your favourite glass and get ready to embark on a refreshing journey through the sunny days ahead!


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