This Janmashthami, we let you in on Lord Krishna’s ultimate food list

Nothing beats butter, but here are some of Bal Gopal’s (lesser known) favourite dishes

Update: 2023-08-31 06:57 GMT

Janmashtami, the joyous celebration of Lord Krishna's birth, is a festival steeped in devotion and merriment. One of the endearing aspects of this festive occasion is the sumptuous array of dishes that are lovingly prepared and offered to Lord Krishna. Among his favourite indulgences, makhan (butter) stands as the most iconic. However, the stories and anecdotes surrounding five other delectable treats that Lord Krishna cherished make this festival even more enchanting.

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Lord Krishna's preference for simple pleasures is beautifully mirrored in his love for poha. As the sun rose over Vrindavan, he would often visit his friends' homes, where he was greeted with a humble plate of poha mixed with spices, peanuts and smiles. The devotion with which the dish was prepared touched his heart, turning this unpretentious dish into an offering of love and friendship.

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Chhappan Bhog
An extravagant offering of 56 different dishes, epitomises the devotion and culinary artistry of his devotees. Legend has it that Lord Krishna appreciated the variety that life had to offer and the diversity of this feast perfectly captures his vibrant spirit. From savoury snacks to luscious sweets, Chhappan Bhog reflects the multifaceted nature of Lord Krishna's personality.

The richness of kheer, a rice pudding prepared with milk, sugar and spices, symbolises the abundance of love and devotion for Lord Krishna. He was mischievous in nature and would playfully steal spoonfuls of kheer from the kitchen. The kheer's creamy texture and delicate aroma are a beloved reminder of Lord Krishna's enchanting presence.

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Panjiri, a wholesome mixture of whole wheat flour, ghee, sugar and dry fruits, represents Lord Krishna's emphasis on well-being. In his pursuit of harmony between the physical and the spiritual, panjiri became a symbol of nourishment for both the body and soul. Devotees offer panjiri on Janmashtami as a tribute to Lord Krishna's wisdom and his teachings on balance.

Malpua carries an anecdote of Lord Krishna's irresistible charm. It is said that he would often visit his foster mother, Yashoda, and playfully request her to prepare malpuas. Her heart melted at his endearing innocence. And that’s how malpuas signify the sweet and loving bond Bal Gopal shared with Yashoda.

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As we savour these offerings with devotion, we not only relish their flavours but also embrace the profound love that underpins this auspicious festival.


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