This World Environment Day, turn your leftovers into irresistible snacks

Check out our 5 lip-smacking recipes to rescue your munching sessions

Update: 2023-06-05 10:34 GMT

As the rains take their own sweet time to come in, leave it to us to not waste a moment to bring to you five delectable snacks to turn your munching sessions into a delicious adventure. Should you find yourself craving something tasty, why not whip up some amazing dishes using your leftover ingredients? Don't let those extra veggies, rice, or even last night's curry go to waste. This World Environment Day, we've got you covered with not one but five easy and creative snack recipes that will make your taste buds dance in the rain (or can be enjoyed in any season, these recipes are all-rounders after all) all made with leftover food. Get your apron on, gather your leftovers, and do your bit for the Earth as you dive into a world of lip-smacking treats.

Whoever is dealing with the guilty crisis of junking those leftovers or not, cue them to this handy list.

Batata Vada (using leftover sabzi)
If you're thinking about throwing away last night's cooked potatoes, then just pause and hold that thought for a moment. Turn your boring aloo ki sabzi into these lip-smacking batata vadas. Follw this recipe to try the popular street snack recipe and throw in some pav and spicy garlic chutney for your own home made vada pavs.

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Crispy rice balls
Did you know your leftover rice can easily be transformed into an exotic appetizer? Crunchy arancini balls are bite-sized rice balls coated with breadcrumbs and fried till they are golden and crispy. Just the perfect snack to go with your evening chai.

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Roti tacos
Use up all of last night's rotis to make the ultimate tacos for your little exotic cravings while giving it an Indian twist. Made for everyone young, old and in between, this recipe for roti tacos will definitely prove to be a fun and filling snack.

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Leftover chapati sandwich
While the dilemma for leftover rotis will forever be an ongoing struggle, turn the daily meal into an appetising snack. These delicious sandwiches filled with veggies can be customised to your liking and taste and give the boring roti a fun and palatable makeover.

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Leftover daal paratha
If the gloomy monsoons have got you raiding your kitchen for a nice healthy snack, these leftover dal parathas (or at least the recipe video) are here to rescue you. Try them out with a side of dahi and any achar of your choice.

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Let us know which recipes would you try this monsoon until we bring some more for you!


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