As we notice a slight chill in the air, we welcome the sweater weather with piping hot bowls of soup and hot chocolates

Update: 2022-11-20 04:30 GMT

It may be delayed and can be felt only in the wee hours of the morning, but there definitely is a nip in the air. And as we notice this slight change in weather, we waste no time gearing up for the soon approaching winters. All prepped with our piping hot bowls of soup, freshly made hot chocolates and some delicious winter recipes, you can be rest assured your winter menu will be sorted. For starters, your morning breakfast can feature some warm parathas with a dollop of butter. Incorporating the goodness of fresh winter vegetables, these 10 paratha recipes are the perfect start on a chilly morning.

Loading up on all the essential nutrients and vitamins is important to stay fit and keep any ailments brought about by a change in weather at bay. And for this very reason, I think these five protein-abundant recipes are just what you need to stay healthy, without compromising on the taste factor. And if you wish to add a little variety in the menu, try this homemade ghugni recipe to spice up your evenings or chai sessions. The harmony of flavours and the delightful aroma in this beloved Bengali street food is simply irresistible.

For all those who love a good zero waste recipe, our back kitchen tried out this sweet and sour orange peel curry. And frankly speaking it is one of the best winter recipes in our arsenal. A fresh and hot bowl of this curry paired with some steamed rice will promise you all the vitamins and nutrients you seek from a balanced meal. And if you wish to have a light dinner, this creamy spinach soup in a loaf is perfect for you.

I don't know about you, but if you are anything like me, the slowly approaching winters definitely calls for a rich and creamy cup of hot chocolate. Try one from our list of recommendations if you don't have a favourite, or whip up your own sweet and creamy red velvet hot chocolate to enjoy in the warmth of your house. No matter what recipe you choose, I guarantee you they are the perfect picks for sweater weather. And if you aren't satisfied with just these, stay tuned for my next letter and I'll have even better recipes on the IFN menu.


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