Let's just say, as we enter the last month of the year, we are about to spice things up just a little bit

Update: 2022-12-04 04:30 GMT

And just like that, we are in the final leg of 2022. From riding the K-wave and hopping aboard the Veganuary bandwagon to gearing up for a fabulous year-end party, we can all agree what a roller coaster ride this year has been. But it's not over till it's over right? If anything, I come bearing flavourful news. Last month Kabita Singh of Kabita's Kitchen and IFN joined hands to materialise the Happy Eating LLP, a direct to customer brand, and launched its first product, Kabita's Kitchen Masala Mix, a spice mix specially curated as a unique all-in-one solution to your cooking needs. Don't bother looking for separate ingredients and substitutes. Just add to cart here, and then later to your dish.

At IFN we are all for cooking and feasting elaborate dishes, but we are also a little obsessed with trends and quick-fix recipes. We came across the viral pancake spaghetti video making the rounds on the internet and gave the recipe a whirl, a la IFN style. We also tried our hands on a soft and spongy apple and cinnamon tray bake, which I guarantee will pair very well with your evening tea.

Our sister brand Start2Bake is back with festive workshops owing to the Christmas spirit. From appetisers and decadent desserts to a full course meal paired with some mulled wine, these classes cover everything. To know more about them click here and if any interest you, go ahead and enrol in a few. In my opinion they are all great and perfect for December.

Winters bring about little sniffles and coughs as the weather gets colder. But fret not, this chicken, lemon and coriander soup comes packed with vitamins, proteins and the warmth of a hug to keep all these ailments at bay. Taking advantage of the season we went ahead and prepared some warm pumpkin halwa for ourselves. Since I associate winters with strawberries, I'd love to recommend a recipe or two that are my personal favourites: this Mahabaleshwar style strawberry cream and these Nutella and strawberry rolls. If you are a strawberry fan like me, you'll definitely love these treats.

On a closing note I'd just like to say, 2022 will soon come to an end, but we look forward to closing this chapter on a happy and blissful note.

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