Ringing in Diwali with the promise of a delightful festive thali, bountiful recommendations and cordial wishes

Update: 2022-10-23 04:30 GMT

Last time, when I introduced myself through my first letter, I told you of all the exciting Diwali special content we have lined up for you, from fun recipes to a number of recommendations where you can buy all that you need for the festive season, just before it arrives. So this letter of mine will address just that. To kick off the jubilation at IFN we got in touch with the ever-charming and zealous Ranveer Brar to chat about his plans to celebrate the Festival of Lights. Needles to say, it definitely brightened up our celebrations. To get a glimpse of the whole conversation check out this story. Also, don't forget to try this delightful boondi barfi recipe, curated by chef Brar himself. It most definitely will stand out on your Diwali thali.

Hold on, I still have a lot more to share with you. If just one sweet dish makes you feel like the festive menu is incomplete, click here for 7 super-easy mithai recipes that come with the added bonus of being dairy-free. You can also visit our Diwali special YouTube playlist that has nearly 50 festive recipes. With this, I bet you'll never run out of options till next Diwali. And if you are pressed for time and need to make do with store bought sweets, this listicle will prove to be a handy guide to get only the best sweets and snacks this festive season.

And of course, with so much meetha on your plate, kuch namkeen toh banta hai! If your heart craves for the good ol' chaat, this bread pakora chaat is at your service. You can also try these cutesy little dabeli pinwheels that are sure to pack a punch, or our special schezwan chaklis. With the butter board trending on social media, here is our take on the viral recipe, but with a touch of desi flavour. Do try it sometime.

With Diwali just around the corner, here's a list of festive hampers, ranging from sweet and indulgent to healthy and wholesome that you can gift your near and dear ones (that is if you still seem to be in a fix over what to get them). And while this festive season will inadvertently cause health to take a back seat, do try these healthy homemade and appetising meals to keep up the festive spirits. Pair your meal with this refreshing cardamom-rose milk and make your delightful meal even more appealing.

And this just about sums up what we've been prepping for. Follow our page, India Food Network for more festive content, maybe you'll find a solid solution to any last minute problems that may arise. With that, My team and I at IFN wish you a very happy Diwali and a prosperous new year. May this festive season be blessed with joy and love (and delicious food, of course!).


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