World Milk Day and World Environment Day in the same week, June is off to a busy start at IFN

Update: 2022-06-04 04:30 GMT

The new season of Strangers Things released sometime last week and I am sure a whole lot of you have reserved your nights for the episodes as they come in. Snacks on a tray and a chilled bottle of soda by your side, prepared as you were for the last season and the season before that. And you know, for occasions like this we have just the right recipes. If you want to give your leisure sessions a little desi twist, try this schezwan dabeli recipe, which is inspired from the ever-evolving street food menu. If you wish to go healthy, we have this humble methi paratha recipe, that you can try with your favourite pickle.

We've already come halfway since this year started, and there has always been something to look forward to. For instance, the first ice factory of Mumbai, at Ballard Estate, got a new look and changed it's name to IF.BE while at the same time retaining its vintage charm. Read our review for their Banyan Tree Café and definitely treat yourself around the world (read the review, you'll know what I am talking about). And if you wish to spend a day in self-care and prioritising your health, this enticing red cabbage thoran recipe is one way to go. Once you've tried this, you can also take a look at these gut-friendly recipes, which will help you sort out your meals for the week.

To all passionate and aspiring bakers, be it an adult or a toddler, IFN's sister brand Start2Bake has a little something for you too. Take a look here to know about the line-up of both online and offline classes that we will host. Bake and make your own ravioli or build your multi-tier, topsy-turvy cake, this time we have a stellar range of classes curated just for you.

June started with World Milk Day and soon World Environment Day will roll in too, on the 5th of June. And at IFN we've pulled at all the stops to celebrate these days, from decadent milk desserts to learning how to employ zero-waste techniques in the kitchen and repurposing our leftovers. June is definitely off to a busy start and soon monsoon will kick in and a lot of snacks recipes, like our peri peri pakodas, will just keep pouring in. But you'll have to wait a little for that.

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