Artisanal Food: A Niche Trend Gone Mainstream?

Know what is it about hand-crafted goods that seem to have customers head over heels for them

Update: 2023-03-03 05:16 GMT

There is something about the label 'artisan' or 'hand-crafted' that seems to be catching the eyes of consumers. And the label pervades all fields. Be it fashion, décor, lifestyle and even food, the word artisanal attracts consumers like moths to a flame. And can we even blame ourselves for this surge in demand? It's a fact that novelty is fascinating and this article aims to uncover the niche market of artisanal goods.

In a market filled with processed goods and ready-to-eat options that lack in terms of balanced nutrition, hand-crafted products provide assurance of being organic and inadvertently of premium quality. Irrespective of the slightly higher mark-up values, customers are more at ease knowing that these products are healthier than their mass-produced counterparts. Add to this mix traditional methods of cooking and preparation, little to no added preservatives and a strict protocol for quality over quantity.

Since the year 2020, after the world endured an epidemic, the stress on healthy-eating and living a healthy lifestyle has since increased. Which means there was heavy focus on procuring food that was organic and at the same time wholesome. Post-lockdown the FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) saw an increase in the number of artisanal goods, albeit in small quantities, they soon garnered the trust of buyers. From chocolates to cheese and coffee to even beverages and spirits, everyone wanted to get their hands on artisanal goods, starting a movement of sorts, towards a healthy and niche lifestyle. And that is exactly what it is, a niche trend now gone mainstream.

While these products had a number of pros when it comes to health, it also brought to limelight small business and vendors, booming the whole 'vocal for local' movement, when customers prefer to purchase goods from local vendors or small businesses. A number of small homegrown brands hopped onto this bandwagon, riding the trending wave, amplifying their sales and in turn supporting numerous farmers and other local vendors. The rise of artisanal goods in all ways only seemed to be a step in the positive direction.

Even though this movement gained impetus in 2020, it is still going strong. With a number of artisanal brands such as Eleftheria Cheese, Svami, Bon Fiction, Halli Berri, Araku as well as restaurants such as Plural, Sequel, Kitchen Garden by Suzette and more, boosting the vocal-for-local cause by sourcing organic produce from nearby local vendors and basing their menus on seasonal goods, artisanal food doesn't seem to be a trend that will die anytime soon. And honestly, we are all here for it.


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