Are you storing your dried fruits and nuts right?

We asked the experts Manish Mehrotra and Krish Ashok the right way to do so

Update: 2023-11-25 06:29 GMT

As the festivities wind down, our homes are often adorned with an abundance of dried fruits and nuts as a remainder of the celebratory season. However, the challenge lies in preserving them beyond the festivities. Many find themselves confused about the optimal storage methods, risking the potential spoilage of these delectable delights. Fear not, as we ask the experts—chef Manish Mehrotra, culinary director at Indian Accent and food scientist Kirsh Ashok—who unravel the secrets to extending the lifespan of your dried fruits, ensuring that the post-celebration period is marked not by waste but by their continued enjoyment.

Chef Manish had a very simple and easy approach to the problem. "Segregate all your nuts and dried fruits first and then pack them in ziplock bags or airtight containers securely. Make your to tag these parcels and store them in your refrigerator," said chef Mehrotra

On the other hand food scientist Krish Ashok allowed space for a little more science behind storing your goods. "Dried fruits, which refers to dehydrated fruits like raisins or apricots, can be stored at room temperature itself in airtight containers. As they don't have high water or fat content, they won't succumb to spoilage that easily. Nuts like your cashews and almonds, on the other hand, should be stored in the freezer, preferably in temperatures at or below -15°C. At this temperature very less chemical reactions happen due to the absence of heat. Storing nuts in the freezer will prevent oxidation, which is the reason why they go rancid at room temperature, owing to the high content nuts have," explained Krish Ashok, helping us understand the science behind making this decision.

Backed by an expert's advice and the knowledge behind these storing tips, we hope this advice helps you store your nuts and dried fruits the right way.


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