8 eggcelent curry recipes to bookmark

Your best friend through breakfast, lunch and dinner

Update: 2021-10-20 06:18 GMT

Very few foods have the versatility that eggs do. You can scramble them to make a delicious breakfast or add veggies to them to make a fluffy lunchtime frittata. But our favourite is turning them into a wholesome dinner that is rich in protein, fats and vitamins. Not to mention affordable. And for those who have only one egg curry recipe up their sleeves, let us introduce you to 8 different preparations that can make your weeknight meals a notch tastier. Check them out.

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Dhaba style egg curry

This one is creamy, maseldar and hits all the right spots. Pair it with a crisp roti or naan to get that late-night dhaba feeling in every bite.

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Anda masala

Chopped boiled eggs are cooked with spices and garnished with freshly grated coconut, giving it a flavour profile unlike any other. It makes for a quick and tasty tiffin lunch.

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Baked anda curry

For nights when you're too tired, let the oven do the work for you. With rice and veggies baked all in one dish, you have a whole meal that's tangy and delicious.

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Bhareli andi

Stuffed with fragrant spices, our bhareli andi packs a punch and a ton of protein. Our pro tip would be to save the leftovers for a protein-rich snack the next day.

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Anda methi bhaji

Sneak some veggies into your egg curry to make it a balanced meal. Our methi anda recipe is bursting with flavour and will make the whole family happy.

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Goan omelette curry

Who said omelettes are just meant for breakfast? Our dish involves making one and pouring a rich, spiced gravy over it.

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Dakshin curry

With the addition of tamarind, hing and curry leaves and a secret masala (head to the video to find out!) our Dakshin curry is sure to be a dinner-party hit

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Egg with mustard sauce

Spicy mustard really gives this curry some zest and it's unlike any other simple curry. Make it this weekend to wow your family.


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