Stir some sugar into the monsoons with these 5 comforting desserts

Here’s a list of sweet treats you can devour this rainy season

Update: 2022-07-06 04:30 GMT

Always need something sweet to end a meal? As monsoon comes in full swing, the urge to keep munching is uncontrollable and while it's common to look towards fried food and savoury treats, some of us only want to eat a bowl of warm sheera or the good old chocolate pudding.

Follow our dedicated list of easy-to-make comforting sweets as you watch the droplets on your window race to the pane.


What better weather than monsoon to enjoy fresh out-of-the-kadai jangir, when it is misty outside. The cheery orange colour of the glace can instantly lift anyone's mood. If you don't believe us try it out yourself.

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Rava sheera

A comforting bowl of sheera, cooked in ghee, is all you need as you keep up with work while the showers outside magically wash away all your stress. The best part of this recipe is that you don't need to hunt for the ingredients because they're readily available in most homes.

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Warm chocolate pudding

I have 99 problems and chocolate seems to be the solution to all of them. And this warm chocolate pudding is just the perfect dessert to beat those monsoon blues.

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Hot sugary malpuas sound like a good fix this rainy season. Get your batter ready and pipe them in hot oil, top with some nuts and enjoy.

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Masala chai ice-cream

The showstopper of the season is always a glass of masala chai, but in case you are feeling experimental, try this masala-chai-flavoured ice cream from our kitchen.

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Have you picked a favourite yet?


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