Marryam H Reshii

Marryam H Reshii has been writing about food and lifestyle for the last 30 years. She is the Times of India food critic besides being an independent writer on cuisine and matters gastronomic. She has been working on the Times Food Guide for Delhi for the last seven years. In addition, she has done a number of books about India’s food scene in terms of best restaurants, notable chefs and pairing food with Scotch whisky. Apart from that, she has done the text for books on Kashmir for other imprints. Food history interests her greatly, as do spices as a subject. She is fond of travelling the world to explore culinary trends, to discover long forgotten food stories, obscure ingredients and to revel in the connection between a land, its people, culture and cuisine. Marryam wants to work on a definitive book on India’s culinary history and ingredients. Marryam is currently working on her next book.