Bengali Aloo Posto

Aloo posto is every Bengali's comfort food. Eat it with hot rice, and go for a snooze!

Bengali Aloo Posto

1. Take a pan and pour some oil.

2. Put the red and green chillies. Add the nigella seeds.

3. Now add the cubed potatoes.

4. Put all the spices - turmeric powder, chilli powder, jeera powder and the poppy seed paste.

5. Add some water and cook the potatoes.

6. Once cooked, serve with warm rice.

Kalyan Karmakar

Kalyan Karmakar

Kalyan is a food and travel blogger, who is excited about Indian food and tries his best to bring it alive through his stories. He is happiest when he eats at small, family-run places. He blogs at <a href=""> Finely Chopped.</a>

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