5 brunch spots in Mumbai that you can't miss, especially during this holiday season

Call up your gang because we’ve got the best places in town for a delicious brunch and a Merry Christmas

5 brunch spots in Mumbai that you cant miss, especially during this holiday season

Not sure if this is just my opinion or if all my readers agree with me, but brunch has got to be the most exciting plan reserved for the weekend. Just think about it, beautiful weather, a delectable spread with a tropical tipple in hand, good company and even better conversations, what's not to like about this grand tradition? But for a custom that is so loved and popular, why wait for the weekend? You could have brunch any day of the week. And with the holiday season right here, the tradition gets even grander with special Christmas goodies and staples adorning the table. And that's why, I come with five spots in Mumbai that are sure to serve you with a spread that is grand, delicious and all the adjectives for awesome that you can think of.

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Donna Deli
A restaurant beautifully designed so that you can eat straight out of an adorable dollhouse, Donna Deli is a one-of-a-kind place where guests can go from coffee and co-working in the morning to cocktails and dinner in the evening. Perfect for anytime of the day you wish to visit. The quirky décor with a pop of colour here and there also makes it an Instagram-worthy spot, so don't forget to capture those moments on camera.

Neuma is poised to bring stylish yet relaxed fine dining to you. Karan Johar's first restaurant puts you on a culinary high with their sun-drenched interiors, while you enjoy their all-new brunch menu. From salads and cheeseboards, to a wide variety of breads, burgers and sandwiches followed by desserts and smoothies, there's something for everyone here!

Bastian's aesthetic and calming dining experience is perfect for brunch and catching up with your loved ones. This celebrity-favourite belts out a number of delicacies like their Smoked Chicken Benedict—smoked chicken, poached eggs and an english muffin, Red Hot Chicken Waffles—gluten-free waffle, crispy boneless chicken, and a Donut Platter with an assorted range of frostings. They also serve various vegan and gluten free options, making sure no one is excluded.

OPA Kipos
OPA Kipos offers an immersive Greek experience that goes beyond just amazing food. Get ready for some Zorba dancing—a popular Greek form of dancing, and the traditional Greek ritual of smashing plates as you scream 'Opa!',an expression exclaimed whenever a plate is dropped either intentionally or accidentally, in Greece. Delicacies like their Greek Salad Josper, Roasted Salmon, Lamb Kebab or Greek Spinach Pie will take you on a trip to Santorini without leaving the city. Don't forget to try their lemon cheesecake and obviously, the bougatsa, a Greek breakfast pastry.

O Pedro
A brunch in the holiday season hits all the right spots. Making merry with friends and family as you engage in conversation and silly banter over a scrumptious spread is holiday bliss. O Pedro, in preparation for Christmas, has set out to serve a wholesome array of dishes inspired by the Goan-Portuguese cuisine, curating a menu featuring some iconic dishes that are simply irresistible, to the point where you'll continue eating even once you are full. Pair your meal with their exotic cocktails and bring the meal full-circle with a fabulous dessert.

Now that you have your list of reccos, have you decided which spot you're going to visit?

Ananya Gandhi

Ananya Gandhi

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