Beat the heat with these 5 sassy summer delicacies before they melt

As the heat turns up, these five frozen desserts are the only thing that can cool you down

Beat the heat with these 5 sassy summer delicacies before they melt

Sometimes, you only need a giant scoop (or three) of your favourite frozen desserts on a hot sunny day. While nothing beats the OG chocolate, mango and tender coconut, this summer we invite you to take your tastebuds on an adventure. Bringing to you an uber-cool collection of ice creams, popsicles and sorbets, in all their seasonal glory to help you stay cool, we think these frozen desserts are worth the shot (and effort).

So before the heat gets to you, try these IG famous sorbets, slushies & ice creams

Masala Jamun Slush
Jamun is a must-have summer fruit, but why have it plain when you can make a cooling chatpata slush with a pinch of masala on top? This easy-to-make and easier-to-eat recipe will give you a blast of flavour and the much needed respite in every bite.

Double Mango Sorbet
If we mention summers, then it's just an inevitable fact that mango dishes are in tow, be it raw, ripe or frozen. This lip-smacking double mango sorbet is not only double-cooling but also double the fun! We all have our go-to mango recipes for every summer, but this time, maybe you ought to try something new.

Mulberry Chuski
Mulberry too is another summer fruit we just cannot miss. And if the fruit is a favourite, then we just know that this recipe will become one too, in an instant. This sweet, sour and piquant mulberry chuski is very easy to make and a little something new you must try this summer. Just trust us now and thank us later.

Parle G-Chai Kulfi
Every Indian knows that Parle G and chai have to be one of the best combinations. And while the pairing is comforting to the soul, summers are not really the ideal season for a hot cup of tea. But, as chai-lovers ourselves, sacrificing tea is not an option either. So fashioning a best-of-both-worlds scenario, we say enjoy this popular combination in the form of a kulfi. We know it's a too good to be true recipe, but here it is in all its creamy goodness.

Sol Kadhi Popsicle
Since we are trying new flavours this summer, try these easy sol kadhi popsicles to beat the heat with all the thandak of sol kadhi. Made with the goodness of coconut, kokum, beetroot and a little masala for your taste buds, we just think that the cool sol kadhi just got an even cooler avatar.

Now that you've seen our list, let us know which summer special frozen dessert is your go-to!

Ananya Gandhi

Ananya Gandhi

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