Bookmark these 5 healthy snacks for the next time you hit the grocery store

Give your kids the nutrition they need, wrapped in fun and flavour

Bookmark these 5 healthy snacks for the next time you hit the grocery store

Parents are always on the lookout for healthy food options for their little rugrats, while they are busy picking the vegetables off their plate. For a very long time healthy-eating has been synonymous with boring vegetables, homemade food and a cohort of recipes that are simply unappealing at first sight. And if we are being absolutely honest with ourselves, Let's face it, even we did not like eating leafy vegetables and wanted to have all kinds of junk food when we were that age. But of course the scenario doesn't remain the same any more. With trends looking towards healthy lifestyles and fitness, there has been a revolutionary shift in the way we approach snacking. And this goes for adults and kids alike. There are so many brands out there bridging the gap between snacking and conscious snacking, giving us a wide variety of products for our toddlers that are delicious and also packed with nutrition!

To save you the trouble of an extensive Google search, here are five of our favourite kid-friendly brands to promote fuss-free healthy eating in toddlers.
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Lil Goodness
Lil goodness offers a range of nutritional snacks for kids without compromising taste. We absolutely love the cute, colourful packaging and focus on wholesome ingredients like crackers, multigrain puffs, breakfast foods and even probiotic chocolates. You should definitely try their spinach, carrot or beetroot crackers. You might just end up wanting to steal a few for yourself!

Want to feed your kid the goodness of veggies and fruits without the fuss that comes with it? Chopinz has a huge selection of vacuum-fried fruits and veggies offering a perfectly crunchy and healthy snack. They have both sweet and savoury options that you can try, ensuring no craving is left unsatiated. Some of our personal favourite flavours are mango, okra, sweet potato, beetroot and more.

Fruit Forest
Fruit Forest's plant-based fruit snacks come with all-natural ingredients as well as abundant nutrition. They have on offer 100% vegan and gluten-free snacks not just for toddlers but for all ages in your family. Cherry on top, their products are sustainably manufactured. They have a delicious range of fruit-flavoured gummies, sweetening syrups and crispy bites that you and your little one can try together.

Timios (meaning 'honest' in Greek) is a new brand on the block with a wide variety of eatables available for kids. They aim to provide wholesome and tasty snacks made with natural ingredients that are low in salt and sugar as well as free from artificial preservatives. Their arsenal consists of products like porridge, finger-food, biscuits, immunity bars, energy bars and more. Ditch your regular box of cereal and start your little one's day with a generous helping of Timios' Crunchies instead.

Happy Jars
Happy Jars takes pride in adding variety to their breakfast table. Their almond peanut butter and chilli-flavoured peanut butter are creamy and addictive with a good dose of protein, minerals, fibre and iron which boost immunity also making it a perfect ingredient you can use to make desserts and salad dressings. Their spreads come with no added preservatives or artificial oils. Their unsweetened almond peanut butter is a must try breakfast addition for not just your kids, but you too.

Now that we let you in on our secrets for healthy eating for your toddlers, be sure to bookmark this list for the next time you head out shopping for snacks.

Ananya Gandhi

Ananya Gandhi

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