From touring the coffee plantations to making your own brew, these 5 cottages are every coffee lover's paradise

This International Coffee Day, here are 5 coffee estates and cottages you must visit if coffee is your one true love

From touring the coffee plantations to making your own brew, these 5 cottages are every coffee lovers paradise

Coffee is the be-all and end-all of my life. I am definitely one of those people who simply doesn't talk to anyone before I have had my first cup of coffee (notice how I said first). And if you think you fit the bill too, then you are going to love this piece, so make sure you bookmark it. In the hum drum of routine, we may have to keep ourselves content with just a mug of coffee (of course with a few refills here and there). But what if I told you, there are places in our country, where you could wake up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, walk miles in a tranquil plantation and witness the whole bean-to-cup process, in the lap of nature and luxury? It's true!

The 1st of October is acknowledged as International Coffee Day. While at the surface it's just another day, to us coffee aficionados, it's the recognition of our favourite beverage. And therefore, this day we will go the extra mile and celebrate it in the grandest way possible. How, you ask? We bring to you in this article, five cottages and resorts that are nestled in estates surrounded by coffee plantations. Get your fill of rich coffee and grandeur, and pamper yourself by picking your favourite destination and planning a trip.

Keep scrolling to know all about our top five recommended coffee estates.

Evolve Back-Chikkana Halli Estate, Coorg
Cocooned int the tranquility and serenity of a 300-acre coffee and spice plantation, this visit is not just for coffee buff, but also for those who love to spend time in nature. You can take a walk in the 100 year old plantations or taste a number of gourmet coffees among many other fun activities promised by the estate. And when the day is done, you can return back to your cottage that is the true epitome of luxury Kodava architecture.
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Woodway Homestay, Chikmagalur
Woodway Homestay is about 14 kilometres away from the village of Chikmagalur. Just one magnificent bungalow, sitting atop a hill (with that, now I don't have to tell you how 'cool' this place is right?). Surrounded by hills and coffee bushes, not only is this place picturesque, but the dream house of every coffee lover. Built in the 1900s and flourishing since then, the bungalow has five lavish rooms which still maintain a touch of homeliness. So if your are looking for the traditional homestay experience, but at the same time wish to be spoilt for choice, let Woodway Homestay be your go to.
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The Serai, Chikamagalur
Due to the cool temperatures and pleasing atmosphere, Chikamagalur is a highly recommended vacation spot. But you are here because we promised you a stay surrounded by coffee, right? The Serai, is nestled in the foothills of the western ghats, surrounded by coffee bushes and the ever-winding pepper plants. And if the coffee plantations excites the coffee addict in you then the tall trees of the dense forest will appeal to the admirer in you. The 29 villas in this resort showcase the highest epitome of elegance and grandeur. Here you can pick your own coffee as you walk through these trails and witness the entire bean-to-cup journey of coffee yourself. What can be more exciting than documenting the genesis and journey of your favourite beverage?
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Halli Berri Coffee and Cottages, Chikmagalur
If you have come across Halli Berri's single-origin Arabica coffee blends, I don't need to tell you what an invigorating experience it would be to live amidst their plantations and witness first hand the secrets to their inviting and irresistible coffee. Halli Berri Coffee and Cottages while (naturally) have a coffee plantaion of their own, their beans are grown under the canopy of the dense jungles of the Western Ghats. Establishing a symbiotic relation with a variety of birds and animals housed in these forests, Halli Berri is definitely the place to visit if you are looking to experience the life of a coffee planter, as is.
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The Tamara, Coorg
This incredible eco resort, sits atop a hill, overlooking a gushing waterfall. Spread over 180 acres of land, here you will find lush green plantations of pepper, cardamom and of course, the beloved coffee. A trip to Tamara guarantees an affluent stay in the lap of nature, waking up to the aromatic fragrance of a fresh brew. In this eco resort, apart from trekking the scenic hills or resting by a water fall, all coffee aficionados can indulge in the experience of picking their own coffee and preparing a wonderful brew for themselves, from scratch. Tour the plantations and enjoy good food and drink, Tamara promises you a stay you will never forget.
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Now that we've given you the options, where are you planning your next trip to?

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