Introducing to you, all things payasam: the true star of any Sadya

Acquaint yourself with 5 delectable payasam recipes to take your Onam Sadya up a notch

Introducing to you, all things payasam: the true star of any Sadya

Any Sadya is incomplete without payasam, just like Kerala is incomplete without its backwaters. A bowl filled with a rich and delectable and hearty portion of the sweet dish captures the very essence of tradition and celebration. Payasam is a dessert deeply rooted in the cultural fabric of Kerala. This sweet masterpiece isn't just a treat for the taste buds, it's a bridge between past and present, connecting generations over shared flavours and stories. From its humble beginnings in local kitchens, where ingredients were lovingly sourced and prepared, to its modern-day adaptations, payasam has evolved into a timeless symbol of unity and festivity.

The varieties of payasam are as diverse as the communities that savour them. The fragrant aroma of cardamom, the crunch of roasted nuts and the delicate sweetness of jaggery or sugar create a symphony of flavours that will have you grabbing another bowl even before you’ve finished the first one. And to rejoice in the joyous occasion of Onam, here are our top picks of payasam to indulge in and savour, turning every moment into a celebration.

Palada Payasam
Palada payasam features delicate rice flakes gently cooked in sweetened milk. The aromatic touch of cardamom infuses the dessert with a captivating fragrance, while a delightful combination of nuts and raisins, roasted in ghee, adds a crunchy and rich texture.

Ada Pradhaman
Ada Pradhaman, is a unique addition to your payasam journey. Tender rice flakes fused with the sweetness of jaggery and the creaminess of coconut milk. This exquisite base is then generously mixed with cashews, almonds and crispy golden coconut slices. The combination of these different textures creates a blend of flavours that will leave you craving for more.

Parippu Payasam
Made by combining protein-packed lentils, coconut milk and the natural sweetness of jaggery, parippu payasam is a sure-shot hit in an Onam sadya. The dish makes use of various lentils like moong dal or split green gram and sometimes even chana dal or split chickpeas. It's a delightful balance between enjoying a treat and giving your body wholesome nutrition.

Semiya Payasam
Let’s just state this right off the bat: semiya payasam is a classic. Vermicilli or semiya are undoubtedly the star of the show, creating a silky and comforting base for the dessert. The ghee-roasted cashews and raisins add an extra layer of taste and texture, making each bite delightful.

Paal Payasam
Paal payasam—paal refers to milk—celebrates the simple beauty of rice. It involves a patient and slow cooking process in which rice is simmered in milk until it becomes incredibly soft and almost melts in your mouth. Each spoon of this payasam is a reminder of the care and devotion that goes into creating a comforting and memorable treat.

We've given you five, but do make atleast one recipe from this list for your Onam Sadya.

Aayushi Vichare

Aayushi Vichare

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