This Lohri, tune in to the beats of dhol as you enjoy these popular favourites

Sit down with a piping hot plate of chole, halwa or any other traditional recipe as you revel in the festivity

This Lohri, tune in to the beats of dhol as you enjoy these popular favourites

Every year on 13th January, we observe the festival of Lohri, a day of celebration to mark the beginning of the harvest season of rabi crops (grains sown in winter) as we slowly step out of the winters. And just like any other Indian festival it symbolises the coming together of a community, steaming plates of popular and traditional dishes and the promise to keep up with age-old customs and rituals. Lohri is celebrated to worship the Fire Lord, a rite with a deeply-seated cultural significance. The jubilation brings together people as they rejoice around the fire and pray for the end of dispariy and negativity.

Lohri celebrations are incomplete without a traditional spread, as we have already established. Being a harvest festival, recipes dedicated to the festival feature a number of seasonal produce and by-products like jaggery, rice, corn and fresh green leafy vegetables. This Lohri get your groove on to the beats of the dhol and whip up some of these delicious recipes in your kitchen.

Sarson ka saag
Sarson ka saag is a popular favourite and a staple in the Nothern India, especially during the winters. Follow this easy-to-make recipe and you too can make it in quantity for everyone to enjoy. Pair it with the classic makki di roti with a dollop of ghee and watch how the vessels get empty.

Pindi Chole
Another must-have Punjabi dish is a wholesome serving of pindi chole. Make sure to season the dish well and serve hot with puris or bhaturas. Don't forget to squeeze half a lemon before serving for that extra zest.

Gajar ka halwa
If it is a celebration, it is incomplete without a dessert or sweet dish. With carrots in season, you can make this one-pot dessert with absolute ease and finesse. Don't forget to garnish it with nuts tossed in ghee.

Makhane ki kheer
While you munch on fox nuts every day, this is a perfect time to transform them into a rich and delicious kheer. A warm bowl of this kheer garnished with nuts and seeds is perfect to celebrate Lohri with.

Gur ka paratha
Stuffed with the sweetness of jaggery and cooked in the rich goodness of ghee, once prepared there is no soul in this world who can resist this wholsome gur ka paratha.

With this menu in hand, are you ready to bring in the cheer and celebrate Lohri with enthusiasm and love?

Aayushi Vichare

Aayushi Vichare

Aayushi is that friend who won’t let you take a bite without capturing it. For her, the easiest but still thoughtful way of making someone feel special is by cooking or getting them their favourite food. Currently, she’s on an expedition to integrate all her favourites: food, social media and marketing, so that you don't miss the hottest spot in town and you know where to eat those crispy and juicy chicken wings.

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