This World Diabetes Day we take a look at 5 restaurants redefining dining for diabetics

From plant-based delicacies to customised meals and meal plans, dining out is no longer a hassle for the diabetics in Mumbai

This World Diabetes Day we take a look at 5 restaurants redefining dining for diabetics

In a city where every corner offers a new culinary experience, Mumbai's vibrant restaurant scene is undergoing a remarkable transformation. As the prevalence of diabetes continues to rise, affecting an estimated 77 million Indians, the need for diabetic-friendly dining options has become increasingly vital as for individuals living with diabetes, maintaining a careful and balanced diet isn't just a choice but a lifeline. It's against this backdrop that Mumbai's food and beverage industry is emerging as a champion of inclusivity, redefining the way we dine out. While we slowly see a rise in the number of restaurants growing to be inclusive of all diets, we’ve jotted down five remarkable establishments that have crafted thoughtful and delectable menus that cater specifically to the dietary needs of those battling diabete.

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Bloom- The Conscious Eatery, Bandra
Nestled in the vibrant heart of Bandra, Bloom is a plant-based, vegan, and keto-friendly café that celebrates natural flavours. The café's founder, Niketa Sharma, a health-conscious advocate herself, initiated Bloom to cater to diverse dietary needs. The café embraces all, from a plant-based menu to dishes that cater to diabetics, whether you seek a health-conscious approach or savour a wholesome carb-filled diet.

Plush Cafe, Bandra
Palak Shah, the visionary behind Plush Cafe, has created a picturesque 24-seater café, offering reimagined Italian, continental, Jain, keto, vegan, and gluten-free options, Plush Cafe's menu is a visual and gastronomic delight, catering to vegans, diabetics, lactose-intolerant patrons, and is entirely animal-friendly. For the diet-conscious, there are options like the Matcha Smoothie Bowl and Cinnamon & Mixed Berries Bowl.

Smoke House Deli, Multiple Outlets
Smoke House Deli crafts dishes tailored for health-conscious diners, including diabetics. Their offerings include the Amaranth and Flax Seeds Granola Bar, a high-fibre breakfast option. The Bean Sprout salad with Brown Rice flakes and Crispy Quinoa is another high-fibre choice ideal for diabetes. Customised orders are welcomed as well, featuring grilled and poached fish, and gluten-free options.

Yogisattva Cafe, Khar
Raveena Taurani, the genius behind Yogisattva Cafe, India’s first 100% plant-based cafe, started this eatery in hopes to promote sustainable meals for individuals who, also like her, had to be strict with their diet. As the head chef of the cafe, she is of the opinion that embracing a plant-based lifestyle can yield significant advantages for individuals with diabetes. Yogisattva Cafe promotes this health-conscious approach through its healthy and organic menu, which you must try out if you too need to follow a strict diet but would still like to leave room for a delicious meal once in a while.

Flax Healthy Living, Multiple Outlets
Gurmeet Arora’s Flax Healthy Living was born out of a commitment to healthier living. Recognizing the modern generation's busy lives and nutrition challenges, Flax Healthy Living provides salads, bowls, cold-pressed juices and much more to ensure a balanced meal. And going an extra mile further, Flax Healthy living has also introduced a subscription model—Flax It Up— that focuses on specific ailments, including PCOS and diabetes, making it India's only custom meal plan.

In this culinary exploration, these restaurants are not just changing the way we eat; they're transforming the way we live, one delectable and health-conscious dish at a time. Bon appétit!

Natasha Kittur

Natasha Kittur

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