This World Vegan Day, take a look at our top 5 favourite vegan influencers

Revolutionise your vegan journey with a whole load of cool recipes

This World Vegan Day, take a look at our top 5 favourite vegan influencers

In a world where personal health and environmental concerns have taken centre stage, a significant shift towards embracing a vegan lifestyle is rapidly gaining momentum. With the dawn of World Vegan Day on the 1st of November, we celebrate this extraordinary transition towards a more compassionate and sustainable way of life. People are increasingly realising that adopting a vegan diet not only benefits their well-being but also plays a pivotal role in preserving our planet for generations to come. If you're considering joining this inspiring movement or seeking ways to enhance your existing vegan lifestyle, you're in for a treat. We've handpicked five vegan influencers who are making waves with their delectable recipes, nutrition tips, and unwavering commitment to a vegan way of life.

Scroll further to embark on a vegan journey, improved health and eco-conscious choices with the guidance of these remarkable individuals.

Radhi Devlukia
Radhi Devlukia, is an Ayurvedic Health Counsellor, focusing especially on conscious and 100% natural cooking. A trusted vegan influencer for brands and a trained dietitian and nutritionist, a fellow vegan can always look up to her for meal inspirations and dietary tips, be you a pro or a beginner.

Richa Hingle
Richa Hingle or better known as Vegan Richa, offers a diverse range of 100% plant-based recipes, from everyday meals to indulgent treats. With 364K Instagram followers, her food blog is a go-to whenever one is looking for meal inspiration. Her recipes are easy to follow and even easier on the pocket, making a vegan lifestyle accessible to everyone.

Nisha Vora
The Rainbow Plantlife is the brainchild of Nisha Vora, a lawyer turned home chef, propagating a healthy and attainable vegan lifestyle. She promotes the enjoyable side of veganism through her mouthwatering vegan recipes. Needless to say, her 780K followers in Instagram are in safe hands, especially when it comes to maintaining a balanced vegan diet.

Chef Priyanka Naik
A global vegan culinary expert, Priyanka Naik is a self-taught chef who boldly explores traditional Indian flavours and diverse dishes that fit under the vegan label. If you are looking for recipes that you thought would never be vegan, chef Priyanka is here to surprise you with her unique creations and concoctions, reshaping perceptions of Indian vegan food.

Purvi Shah
If you have always been one to think that vegan cuisine mainly consists of boring and bland food, Purvi Shah’s blog is here to clear the misconception. She is renowned to share homemade, gluten-free, and healthy recipes, that show you the vegan side of Indian cuisine or just introduce you to a fun recipe that explodes with flavour. Her commitment to food makes her a must-follow for delicious, innovative vegan dishes.

While the world may still be divided on their opinions when it comes to veganism, these 5 culinary geniuses show you a glimpse of all the fun and flavour that awaits you on the other side of your hesitation.

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Natasha Kittur

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