10 recipes to help you eat, sleep, biryani and repeat

No matter what the problem, biryani is always the solution

10 recipes to help you eat, sleep, biryani and repeat

Who doesn't love a good plate of biryani? The confluence of spice, vegetables, meat and rice, all in one vessel is what makes this favourite well, a favourite. And when it comes to varieties, India is resplendent with options, thanks to each region, state and even city, giving the rice-based dish its own take. And though we're not experts at picking favourites, this list helped us identify 10 recipes that are just too good to be true. Check it out.

Malabar chicken biryani

Biryani is fantastic as it is. But this Kerala-style, Malabar chicken biryani is simply better. Try the recipe now.

Kolhapuri chicken biryani

To all those who like spicy food, you'll love this Kolhapuri-style biryani. Follow our recipe and turn up the heat.

Kacchi mutton biryani

Do we really need to sell this dish to you?

Tawa pulao biryani

My fellow vegetarians and vegan-ers, we haven't forgotten you. We are reiterating that biryani is for everyone and so for you we have this delightful and easy-to-make tawa pulao biryani. Ready in minutes and cleaned off the plate in seconds, what more does one want?

Delhi deghi masala chicken biryani

Perfect for big family dinners (or, even lunch), this Delhi special biryani is all that everyone's going to be talking about. The meat is cooked in ghee and served with rice that is mixed with chilli pickle. We could go on and on but it is making us hungry, so check out the recipe now.

Mangalorean style prawn biryani

If you are a biryani-lover and crazy for seafood then this Mangalorean style prawn biryani recipe is a keeper.

Spicy aloo chole biryani

This recipe has chole, potatoes and biryani all in one, striking the perfect balance between carbs and protein without compromising on taste. A must-try, we say.

Bohri chicken biryani

Is there anyone really who hasn't tried a khau-galli biryani and not enjoyed it? We don't think so. However, what if we told you, you can make that same biryani in your kitchen? Try out this Bohri version if you don't believe us.

Mushroom biryani

Mushrooms don't need to belong only on pasta and pizza. Check out this mushroom biryani recipe for when you wish to eat something different and new.

Hyderabadi shahi paneer biryani

All Hyderabadi food hits the spot and this shahi paneer biryani recipe is no exception. Full of flavour and the goodness of vegetables, this one's a personal fave.

So what's going to be your choice for dinner tonight?

Natasha Kittur

Natasha Kittur

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