30 nifty and spudtacular recipes for all you potato heads out there

We’ve given the humble tuber a befitting makeover with recipes that cover everything from snacks to meals

30 nifty and spudtacular recipes for all you potato heads out there

The potato is the most versatile vegetable out there. Also, a comfort food, we don't think we have ever come across a potato dish that we didn't like. It can be enjoyed in varied forms, be it fried, mashed, boiled or baked and paired with a bunch of things like rice, bread and tortilla. Throw in a bunch of different condiments, and the possibilities are endless. A staple in most homes, the potato has saved us on dreary days, which is why we are giving it the ode it deserves with 30 recipes covering all bases, from evening snacks to wholesome meals .

Here are some creative recipes with the favourite starchy veggie.

Potato podimaas

If you like your potatoes spicy then this potato podimaas recipe is for you. For an extra kick, pair it with sambhar or rasam and just eat away.

Chettinad baby potato roast

If you don't know what to make for lunch and are about to order takeout then, just hold on and hear us out. Try this easy and tasty Chettinad baby potato roast. We bet you the result will only impress.

Chatpata aloo roll

These flavourful potato wraps are best to serve as snacks for small gatherings. Or just try sitting with your toddler at the table with this dish and watch how the plate gets cleaned.

Potato puff patties

Snack time just got a whole lot better with these awesome and delicious potato puff patties. This in one hand and your evening tea in the other, is just what you need on a weekend evening.

Sindhi aloo matar

You have been served. Dinner, we mean. Try out this simple Sindhi aloo matar with hot rotis. Just the comforting meal one needs at the end of a tiring day.

Capsicum potato

If you are in the mood to cook yourself an elaborate and wonderful meal then, we have this awesome capsicum potato recipe waiting for you.

Aloo Chaat

Chaat lovers, we haven't forgotten you. Try out this savoury aloo chaat when the hunger pangs hit. It's the perfect solution to all of your cravings.

Potato sheera

For all those with a sweet tooth, try out this potato sheera. Made with butter, this is the perfect dessert for when you wish to pamper yourself.

Aloo paneer tikki

Curl up on the couch with these aloo paneer tikkis, some chutney and a hot cuppa tea in the evening with your near and dear ones or with your favourite book. Nothing will ever top this.

Chicken potato gravy

Try out this simple chicken and potato gravy at home with a plate of hot steamed rice. Takeout food can barely keep up with this recipe.

Potato cheese balls

It's got potato and it's got cheese, so the recipe sells itself. Pair it up with your favourite condiment and just relax as you Netflix and chill over the weekend.

Chilli potato

If you wish to have something spicy for dinner, look no further. This chilli potato recipe is just what you need. Pair it with a bowl of fried rice for a delicious and flavourful dinner.

Potato pancake

Fret no more over what you need to make for breakfast. This potato pancake recipe is simple to make and filling, giving you just the energising start you need for the day.

Potato dumplings

Serve these crispy potato dumplings hot, paired with a condiment of your choice and watch people rave about how amazing they are.

Potato rosti

If you are bored of the same old rice and vegetable routine at home, try out this cheesy potato rosti for once. We guarantee, you will bookmark the recipe.

Tornado potato

Impress your party guests by serving these tornado potatoes, along with a cheese dip, barbecue sauce or dig right into it as is.

Potato kara kari

Flavoursome and wholesome, there is no way this dish will disappoint.

Lasooni aloo

Impress the people around you with your cooking skills with this simple lasooni aloo recipe and watch them lick off their plates.

Creamy mashed potatoes

And here we have the simple but evergreen mashed potato recipe. The creamy texture of the dish is going to keep you coming back for more.

Aloo kofta curry

This aloo kofta curry will be your saviour when you have people coming over for lunch or dinner. It's simple to make and super delicious.

Potato patra

Try out our potato patra recipe at home as a side dish with your meal. You can thank us later!

Chili mustard Bengali potato

Hosting a small gathering and in a fix on what to serve? Try out these spicy chilli mustard potatoes as a snack (or you can serve it as a meal too) and bask in the compliments of your guests.

Batata bhakarwadi

Try out this recipe at home for potato bhakarwadis. You can snack on these at tea time, when you want to munch on something while working, or simply all day long, because they are that good.

Kashmiri dum aloo

On days when you crave for something different, this Kashmiri dum aloo recipe is what you should try.

Potato methi bhajiya

Imagine, a cool breezy day or a rainy evening, you are curled up on the couch with a hot beverage and these super-tasty and healthy potato methi bhajiyas as the perfect accompaniments. It's just the kind of life we all want, right?.

Choliya aloo gravy

We bet that hot puris and this awesome choliya aloo gravy is the best meal you'll ever have.

Cheese potato wedges

Be it a party or movie night with some pizza, these cheese potato wedges go well with just about anything.

Lasaniya potato curry

Kathiyawadi lasaniya potato curry with some bajra no rotlo and ghee. We bet just reading this must have made your mouth water. Definitely try out this recipe because it is just as delicious as it sounds.

Maharashtrian aloo bhaji

Craving for some authentic Maharashtrian food? Try out this simple aloo bhaji recipe with puris right out of the pan for a filling breakfast or lunch.

Potato lollipop

If you've a toddler fussing over snacks, try out these tasty potato lollipops as a little treat between meals. They also make for great party snacks or you can try them on your movie marathon night.

So which of these amazing potato dishes would you be trying out?

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